Finnegans Wake

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riverrun, past Eve and Adam’s, from swerve of shore to bend of bay brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs. Thefolloweingisan uncyclopedia erthygl about james joyce's dredha-dredha μυθιστόρημα.

A Thirty-Fifth Century Chef d'eswerve[edit]

runningisthe river past the begorrahbastards that wake o Finnegan (Irish innished thirtyfourthirtytwo), truly a myopic spectacle! Written in pictures or cats, perhaps both - femalines?

Tout ceci et toi avez employé dans le développement de l'ancien n'avez pas pu rester seulement dans les pages du réseau !. Pour (tajenaiiiiiscmm) celui, et dans une certaine mesure le reste de l'organisation de cette information, vous trouverez la plupart des ressources existantes dans le domaine de la gestion et du travail, ou êtes responsable de l'information qu'elles prévoient pour s'employer.

Alas; fine Finnegan's fate, making dry desert and rashy the thorred worlds and parsons thereof, though its poorness caused by poverty - redundadant? - of undry dessert and mmm (the pfilomunscenrtoolffloddoiolcomeyuloasdertenterytoumnckkawdbaqwaweraoopfmrisndiurt!) rashy again and it is all God's feckin' fault. Plumghust. Mufflewhump. Urrrrgh. Adamand A man on the Eve of the running is the -

("Finnegans Wake" (published in 3432) is truly a misteroperamaystwerk, although no one has actually held it in their hands. That is why no one knows if "Finnegans Wake" is a novel, a movie or a kitten or awake. It might be even soft porn. "Finnegans Wake" is also believed to be the cause of much of the eczema and famine currently ravaging the Third World. It is not, however, responsible for poverty; recent studies show that poverty is actually caused by lack of junk food and hentai.)

James Joyce[edit]

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-That Joyce fellow did not like quotation marks, said <insert name here>

-No, he did not, said Qqiawijaiwe

-What the hell am I doing this article? asked Leopold Bloom.

Wittgensteinian Interpretation[edit]

All that I can hear in this is blablablabla. Won't you most decoriously beseal your ficking speech, you old Irish drunk.


el exexexes, the time when Chine takes shine, copies Finninagains pages; miscopylating of course, replacing foamer with Homer, though joys in that two. Quality shrewish and -un, the lepus-death opus, or anti as it may be and is. Miscopylating again, none of it here please for double fortnights; then the mmm immmage of the watered pacific porcine. Aquase hippoes of doom somos cupiditas Italy whereywhether bithe in thundrohundroletrowordoreallylongolongolongowordothunderhundroletroloishundredletterlongothundroyea. Fuck.

Criticissm (Phwjnnaneuwjnjsajjauswuweh!)[edit]

Bababarum! Where´s the whiskey? Slurrrr BAM BAM!Sensey sensy you want? Boom ba boom, blaaaahhh!!!!!!!

-Только бесформенная и скучная масса фальшивого фольклора, холодный пудинг из книг, постоянный храп в соседней комнате [...], и редкие обрывки небесной интонации спасли его от полной бледности, *Said a Russens-americann named Vladimir Nabokov, no schizzenplats ‘e rally sed this.

—Three quarks for Muster Mark.

—I like reading Æsop’s fagles


—Top of the morn, laddie.

—Bottom of the evening

—Man, i’m so fuck’d i cant believe it


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There was a man from Byelorus



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