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“we're gay and we're communists.LIVE WITH IT!”

~ A.R.C. on how stupid it is

Began at around late 2005, A.R.C., Anti Religion Coalition, has been on a never ending war with organized religion with it's leader known only as The Ghost or D Last Ride. Arcism (pronounced Arshism) is the ideology developed by A.R.C. in which organized religion and worship is irrelevant must be destroyed. Arcism is greatly based on a concept of using one's own personal wisdom to make one's own personal philosophy promoting and creating harmony between Philiosophy, Personality, Individuality and Freedom. Once an Arcist has devised a personal philosophy, it is believed that one can improve it by learning from one's or other's mistakes and applying it to his/her personal philosophy in order to become a better person. It is through this method that a person can harmonize personality and individuality with belief. Since any from of organized religion is banned, an Arcist may not follow another Religion/Philosophy, although taking ideas and concepts is allowed. Any form of worship of anything, man or deity or supernatural entity or extraterrestrial is strictly forbidden as it is thought that to humble one's self to another's will hinders one's freedom of will. Any form of ritual or religious ceremony is also forbidden as it is a form of worship and is thought that any two or more people who engage in this ritual or religious ceremony are believing in exactly the same belief which, as mentioned above, is forbidden by Arcist law. A.R.C. is also secretly devising anti-Church propaganda in an Unknown Country in Asia. (You'll never find me where ever you look. -The Ghost)

Battle Against The Pope[edit]

A.R.C. has deemed The Holy Roman Apostolic Catholic Church as it's worst enemy and that The Pope is the biggest threat to independence. Evidence A.R.C. has found states that The Pope is secretly developing Nuclear Weapons, Mind Control Technology and a new type of unbreakable condom that does not break under pressure and can be reused over and over again. Because of constant E-Mailing that annoyed Pres.George W. Bush who sent over some UN guys to go to Vatican City to check it out.

An early image of The Pope


The Illuminati have been rejected for alliance by The Ghost saying that they're all gay and can all go fuck themselves. The Ghost claims that the Illuminati are not even worthy to be on the same side as A.R.C. which caused the Illuminati to wage war on A.R.C. But because A.R.C. is located in an Unknown Asian Country, The Illuminati were ambushed, captured, and sent to the Abyss to be raped by Balonan for 100 days. The Ghost has also declared Illuminice and Ilumnaughty as eternal enemies and are ready to face all three of these threats at once.

Invasion of Sabah[edit]

A.R.C. has since then launched Information Warfare attacks to the computers at Sabah in order to weaken the evil country, Malaysia's grip on the land of Sabah. As of 2006, A.R.C. has conquered Sabah and repelled their counterattack with giant Godzilla-like monsters leading to The Battle of the Burning Sea.

The Battle of the Burning Sea[edit]

Although the Information Warfare attacks and A.R.C.'s superior forces have weakened the Malaysian military counteroffensive, A.R.C. could not defend the island for long which then led to an all out naval war. The Malaysians threw everything they had from battle ships to giant dildo missiles to recapture Sabah, and A.R.C. had lost the Godzilla-like monsters after being wiped out by the giant dildo missiles and was being outnumbered. This caused The Ghost to think at ancient warfare tactics and thought of one thing that could reduce the evil Malaysian Army's morale and force them to retreat indefintely, fire (As used in The Battle of Red Cliffs although the fire was used differently). A.R.C. speed boats, helicpters and flying elephants spilled oil form the Sabah oil plants on the west river and northern bodies of water and waited for the Malaysian army, naval and air force to arrive. As soon as the Malaysians came, the boats dropped burning peices of condoms on the oil spill to create a huge burying wall of fire which could not be passed by enemy transport ships needed to cross the river and created smoke which forced Malaysian pilots to fly blind. The Malaysian forces soon gave up trying to recapture the state and withdrew. General Bawil of the Malaysian Armed Forces said "It was fuck'n hot, we not able to beat them and had to retreat. Our navy, military, and air force scared to shit out there, I never see such drop in morale all my life". Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi of Malaysia himself announced "A.R.C. can have Sabah, it's such a damn small piece of shit land anyway. A.R.C. can go fuck themselves for all I care". Many gay environmentalists deemed The Ghost's actions as rash, unethical, unreasonable and destroyed an entire ecosystem by spilling oil and burning it. The Ghost had only responded with "Get a life Fuckwads"

The Malaysian Campaign[edit]

The insult of the Prime Minister led to an order form The Ghost to invade Mayasia. With a newly discovered force of Genetically Altered Giant Peacocks, A.R.C. began the Campaign with a landing of Giant Peacocks and Godzilla Monsters at Brunei. The Bruneian Government immediately announced Bandar Seri Bagawan an open city allowing Arcist forces to occupy the city and turn it into the Arcist base of operations in Malaysia. Malaysian forces were being transported to the border by their newly mutated evil ostriches and monster zebras. This would be easily repelled as Arcist forces used resources at Sabah to transport large amount of the newly developed chemical made of petroleum and human semen extracted from captured Malaysian POW's at Sabah who are, until now, enjoying a life of endless porn in Sperm extraction plants in a secret location in an Unknown Asian Country. Although research suggests that any type of animal sperm could be an alternative, Arcist Scientists have confirmed that human sperm is the most effective. As the Malaysian forces approached, the new chemical was spread throughout a forested area in Miri. As all the Malaysian forces entered the forest, Arcist bombs exploded in the area surrounding Miri burning the chemical setting off a huge forest fire which killed the entire Malaysian offensive consisting of an estimated 10,000 soldiers and 500 Main Battle Tanks. The chemical was named Type 69 Napalm which could burn at temperatures of 69 million °C. Type 69 Napalm was called by gay environmentalists to be the biggest threat to our "precious" environment. The fearful fire attack forced all Malaysian forces who did not join the offensive to retreat all the way to Kuching where there was too little transportation for all Malaysian Forces so some had to swim across the sea while some tried to make the mutant ostriches fly to ride them but eventually fell into the sea and drowned. Out of an estimated 100,000 soldiers who did not join the offensive, only 69,000 survived. UN retrieval ships picked up the bodies of 30,000 with 1,000 still missing. The peasantry were not as affected as the righteous Arcist forces only attacked armed forces. And so the rest of the Borneo portion of Malaysia was occupied. In the Malaysian Peninsula, the families of the 30,000 and a bunch of gay peace activists revolted against the Corrupt Malaysian Government in response to the deaths and futile offensives against the clearly superior Arcists. The revolt ended with the Military arranging a massacre at Kuala Lumpur. An estimated 6,900 people were killed. This led to a nation-wide rebellion which overthrew the government. The Malaysian people then surrendered the rest of the Malaysian Peninsula to A.R.C. including Singapore and ended the Malaysian Campaign.

After 100 Days[edit]

100 days after the Illuminati were banished to the Abyss for rape with Balonan, they were released. It was said that Balonan had to be restrained by 69 security guards in order to let the Illuminati go. After they were released, the Illuminati, Illuminice and Iluminatis put aside their differences and formed the Illum Uprising at the Unknown Asian Country. A.R.C. however, easily crushed this by using Type 69 Napalm bombs around the Illum rebels and scared them so much that they all pissed in their pants. Britney Spears herself pissed quite a big puddle. The Illum Uprising was finally over after a few hours of leaving the rebels surrounded with fire while A.R.C. forces drank beer and watched a TNA PPV. The Ilum rebels were then sent all to the Abyss to be raped by Balonan again for 100 days. Balonan was quite happy about the return of Balonan's old "friends". Since the Illuminati were not around, many pop idols that were members of Illuminati were also in the Abyss. The lack of pop idols caused many gays and queer people who actually like Kelly Clarkson to commit suicide.

Invasion of Southeast Asia[edit]

A.R.C. had soon conquered Indonesia, and are vying for control of the lands north of Malaysia. Thailand was first on the list, A.R.C. simply had to utilize their mutant animals to attack and weaken the Thai defense force and bombed the Thai Aircraft carrier with Type 69 Napalm and was used to surround the Parliament building with fire. The Parliament Building was then raided and the Prime Minister was captured. The Parliament Building was then burned down as a symbol of Arcist superiority. Some Thai peasants even ran into the fire for no apparent reason. After Thailand there came the lands west of Thailand. Cambodia was easily occupied because they saw the Arcists are truly superior and the majority of the Cambodian population committed suicide because the Cambodians began to believe that they were not even worthy to live under the glorious rule of A.R.C. Laos provided a little resistance but after the country was occupied, The majority of the population did what the Cambodians did as well. The most difficult and bloodiest part of the occupation of the northern lands was Vietnam. The Vietnamese used their magical flaming freezing electrical plastic punji sticks to their advantage which killed a total of 690 honorable Arcist soldiers. But in the end, A.R.C. prevailed as they utilized their Type 69 Napalm to burn the forests of Vietnam and forced the surviving Vietnamese Guerillias to surrender. The final part of the conquest was the occupation of Myanmar. The Burmese were paricularly easy but there was one person who got in the way of conquest, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. By finding the key to achieve the Tao, Suu Kyi gained the power of eternal life and sent hordes of flying bat-gorillas. Luckily, the Shwe Dagon Pagoda in Yangon which was the source of Suu Kyi's power was bombed with condom missiles and She was finally publicly executed by being shown Balonan's Balonanitals. Several public witnesses who saw the Balonanitals died as well. This caused the Burmese Government to surrender for their own safety. This last battle unified all of Southeast Asia. All nations were Annexed along with the Unknown Asian Country into one nation of A.R.C. forcing all religion to void and surrender all fidelity to Arcism.

UN Intervention[edit]

The public execution of Aung San Suu Kyi and the forced control over religion agitated the United Nations and claimed A.R.C. to have voilated Human Rights. And whenever the UN is involved, we know which evil empire will "intervene". The United States had an interest in A.R.C. Nation now that the many nations of Southeast Asia are as one. The Americans sent over their army of Giant Ants and Clones of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. This force seemed invinsible for a while but through the great leadership of The Ghost, A.R.C. Nation was able to repel the Imperialist Americans and even send several agents to the US and free Saddam Hussein who soon became and is still current Emperor of Antarctica. The soldiers who were captured were sent to the sperm extraction plants in the Unknown Asian Country. It is later revealed by A.R.C. spy that U.N. actually stands for Undead Nations and its leaders are actually infected with the G-Virus that gave them super abilities but like Kack Krauser, all had several mutations but in places that you don't want to know(crotch). As of now, only Albert Wesker has had a perfect G-Virus transformation without any mutations of body parts.

The Banner of the Undead Nations

Occupation of India[edit]

India was soon involved with the conflict. The specialized Super human mutant Cows of India were a formidable foe for A.R.C. but the ever reliable Type 69 Napalm had scared the Elephants which then jumped in the Ganges River and drowned. The Indians were so devout to Hinduism that most of the Hindus started to migrate to Ganges River to jump in and drown themselves in order to die and instantly become part of Brahman and not have to go through reincarnation but this was soon stopped as The Ghost used the Type 69 Napalm to dry up the Ganges River and dammed the river to prevent refilling. Until now there is an Arcist project to fill in the Ganges River with quick-dry Cement to prevent it from refilling, much to the dismay of the Hindus. New Delhi was captured shortly thereafter. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives soon surrendered without a fight and all these nations of South Asia were annexed into A.R.C. Nation.

Clash with al-Qaeda[edit]

With A.R.C. Nation being the biggest country in the world, it bacame an instant superpower. Although the real motive of A.R.C. Nation was revealed to be the Conquest of Vatican City and that is why they are conquering in this patern. In the middle east, the Arcist forces found it hard to cope with the weather but the war-torn Afghanistan was to be conquered next. The terorrist group known as al-Qaeda revealed themselves with their leader Osama bin Laden at Islamabad. Osama was a formidable foe using suicide camels disguised as oases. The righteous Arcist Forces however, came out on top with the new force of Divine Platypus Clones. The use of Bio weapons like the mysterious Anthrax 69 virus which was still experimntal was used by al Qaeda Forces. It was so powerful that it not only wiped out numerous Arcist platoons but also many al-Qaeda sects. Osama soon resorted to "praying to Allah" in order to intervene. "Allah" sent burning penguin creatures form Antarctica which devastated Arcist forces. A.R.C. had to resort to use Type 690 Naplam which could burn 10 times as much as its predecessor and proved to be too much even for the burning penguins and forced Osama bin Laden to retreat to Antarctica. Islamabad was occupied and the conquest raged on until all al Qaeda sects were defeated and Afghanistan was Annexed.

Race for Iran[edit]

The US occupied country of Iraq was to the west of Iran while the A.R.C. annexed nation of Afghanistan was to the east. The United States was planning the occupation of Iran but A.R.C. had other plans. Iran had little resistance to offer so both sides established a strong foothole in Iran. The US at Sanandaj and the righteous A.R.C. at Zabol. Soon, the US sent threats of their new secret weapon to A.R.C. Although the Arcist forces were not intimidated. After a week of battles with Iranian Forces and terrorists, the US conquered Hamadan, Qom, Arak, Ahvaz, Abadan, Wikipedia:Shiraz and Wikipedia:Esfahan, A.R.C. had captured Mashhad, Torbat-e Heydariyeh, Birjand, Wikipedia:Zahedan, Bam and Kerman. The central keypoint to who has the upper hand is located staight in the middle of Iran, Yazd. After both armies arrived at Yazd, the US had released their secret weapon, the Abyss Alpha, the Abyss Alpha is a kind of Abyss but artificial. The Abyss Alpha devoured many Arcist platoons but soon after having the US army in sight, A.R.C. released their secret weapon, The Real Abyss. The Real Abyss was more powerful than any artificial Abyss so it not only devoured the US forces but it also devoured the Abyss Alpha. Devoured US soldiers were banished to eternal rape by Balonan. The Real Abyss was so scary, the Americans fled in all directions. Some tried to use their clone Flying Spaghetti Monsters to fly them away but the Flying Spaghetti Monsters just fell into the Abyss anyway. Soon all evil American troops withdrew from Iran and fled in fear. Some remaining deserted troops were so afraid of the clear superiority of the Arcists that they all attempted to swim back to the United States by jumping into the Persian Gulf. Soon all of Iran was Annexed.

Invasion of The People's Republic of China[edit]

It was almost certain that Arcist forces would pursue the fleeing Americans and capture Iraq and be one more step closer to Vatican but instead turned their attention to a much bigger goal, The People's Republic of China. China was a rather large country and would be difficult to occupy. The first few campaigns to China failed and greatly reduced the Arcist Army. This led A.R.C. to look north. The Ghost thought of a strategy to choke China from 5 points, India, Mongolia, Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan.


Mongolia was part of the 5 way choke strategy. With India and Vietnam already conquered, A.R.C. would only need three more nations around China to implemet the choke strategy. Mongolia was a fairly difficult battle as the mongolians had Mutant Llamas that spit sand at people. The Arcists used the Type 69 Napalm to scare the Llamas to Siberia where the Llamas froze to death and were eaten by eskimos and penguins. Ulaanbaatar was captured and A.R.C. became one step closer to dominating China.


Korea was the next country to conquer. By now the Chinese have realized the strategy and began to reinforce North Korea. South Korea was fairly easy with little to no considerable resistance and all they were able to do was get their national mascot, Dogzilla which was easily scared away by Type 69 Napalm and ran to North Korea where it was massacred by Kim Jong Ill and fed to Eskimos. After the South, Arcist forces moved north but many Chinese troops were at the border and the attack was called-off.


The nearly defenseless Japan would prove to be a good base of operations. Although there was one factor separating A.R.C. from Japan, Godzilla. Godzilla was almost impossible to destroy, not even Type 690 Napalm could do much but make him want to piss on the city if fired at the groin area leading to flash floods. Godzilla then attempted to destroy the Arcist forces by stomping on them but the Type 690 Napalm would always make him want to take a piss. Godzilla then tried to carry Shikoku island and throw it at the Arcists but the Type 690 Napalm made him piss on shikoku and Godzilla didn't want to touch an island of mud and urine. Finally, the Arcists brought out the Abyss. Unfortunately and surprisingly, the Abyss was not big enough for Godzilla to fit through so Arcist forces then brought Balonan out of the Abyss and showed Balonan's Balonanitals to Godzilla who not only died but was teleported straight to hell.

North Korea[edit]

Once reinforced and now have their foothole in East Asia, Arcist forces return to the border to face the coalition forces of China and North Korea. The Ghost became impatient and orered the new secret weapon to be used at once. Computer-taken pictures of Balonan's Balonanitals were leaflet dropped into the Chinese-Korean Coalition forces base and wiped them all out. North Korea and South Korea were now reunited under A.R.C. Nation.


Taiwan would have been extremely easy if it were not for Taiwanese Colaborations with Aliens who used revival Technologies to revive Chiang Kai Shek and Attila the Hun Ultimate. The fact that these two are already dead would have made leaflet drops of the Balonanitals useless so A.R.C. forces did not attempt this. Chiang defended Taiwan with an assault of Devout Taiwanese Nationalists blessed by Allah with burning Eskimos. And Attila stole Communist toilet paper and feminine wash to clean his Popemobile. Soon all was too chaotic and more senseless than usual so The Ghost ordered the Leaflet drop anyway and instead of dying, Chiang Kai Shek and Attila the Hun Ultimate were teleported to Siberia were they were eaten by burning penguins and sea urchins of total devastation. After regaining some sense into the battle, the Arcists captured Taipei and destroyed the aliens by showing them a picture of Balonanitals in which they were teleported straight to the Hell were they would meet Satan who thought that the Aliens were Relatives.

The Second Invasion of The People's Republic of China[edit]

China would then be surrounded by the Arcist Nations and had no specific place to concentrate attack. But the Chinese had a secret Weapon, Bizarro Jesus who turned water into urine but unfortunately for the Chinese, all water in the world was turned to urine and nobody could drink. Suddenly he summoned Dead lizards to fall out of the sky which did not help anyone either. Bizzaro Jesus then started walking underwater while he summoned a stampede of frozen elephants which never helped anyone either. After that he started throwing rocks at peasants and badly preaching sermons which annoyed both sides. In fact, Bizarro Jesus was so annoying that A.R.C. and China temporarily allied to destroy Bizarro Jesus who they crucified on a nought. After then, they started fighting again and this time, China had to use the most powerful weapon in their disposal,Maozilla. Maozilla was quite equal to Godzilla who A.R.C. had fought in Japan. With this, the Arcists decided to do a test. Type 690 Napalm was fire to Maozilla's groin and surprisingly, Maozilla shat after being hit with Type 690 Napalm. The stench was so intense that both sides lost quite a lot of troops. The Arcist decided to use the last resort, The Abyss. A.R.C. already knew that Maozilla, like Godzilla, would not fit into The Abyss, but there was something else the Arcists planned to use, Balonan. Balonan was brought out in a 10km thick chamber and released on top of a tall building. From there, Balonan showed Balonan's Balonanitals which, like Godzilla, sent Maozilla straight to hell. China then surrendered and declared Beijing an open city which was quickly occupied by the A.R.C. forces. China would then finally be annexed into the glourious A.R.C. Nation after several months of resistance against the Arcists.

World in Chaos[edit]

Because of the rampant wars in Asia, stability in Europe, Africa and America began to collapse and Chaos breaks out all over the World.

The Clash of the Clans: Rise of the Samurai[edit]

Even in A.R.C. Nation, the Chaos became aparently large, the country once known to be Japan had once again reinstated the Samurai who followed the prinsiple of Bushido and spead the warrior class all over A.R.C. Nation. The Clans of these warriors became the country of origin within A.R.C. Nation. This caused The Ghost to declare the divisions of States within the nation to be the different countries conquered by A.R.C. The Ghost still had supreme power and would be the one to choose battlegrounds for each battle. The Ghost also banned leadership within clans to prevent ambition. The Chinese clan then attempted to call themselves the Zhong Guo Clan but Filipino Samurais with bad pronunciation propnounced it as Chonggo (A tagalog word for monkey) Clan which became universal with in A.R.C. Nation. This also caused much feuding as the Chinese clan declared themselves the most powerful although the Japanese had the claim of Original Samurai. The Chinese responded that the Japanese suck and are gay. The Japanese responded by throwing shit on Chinese living in Japan. This continued until a battle would begin as the Japanese Samurai entered China.

Battle for Middle Kingdom[edit]

China attempted to take the advantage by threatening to use Nuclear weaponry on Japan but the prinsiple of Bushido and the fact that The Ghost's forces controlled the Nuclear launch pad in China prevented this.

The Battle at the Great Wall[edit]

The Chonggo Clan moved their forces to the Great Wall of China to challenge the Japanse. The Japanese Samurai first struck by destroying the ends of the Great Wall and prevented any safe escape from the Great Wall. The two forces met at the section of the Great Wall at Datong The beginning of the battle already resulted in the deaths of 690 Chinese and Japanese Samurai either by being slashed or were thrown or pushed off the Great Wall. The second part of the battle was not as reckless and head-on, instead, both sides referred to what the Great Warlord Oda Nobunaga had used during the Battle of Nagashino, Guns. At this time, Muskets were obsolete and both sides used AK-47, AK-74, AKS-74U, PKM, and SVD Dragunov sniper rifles in order to fight each other. Because of the gun fight, the warriors could be killed from long distances and simply retreating when needed would not work. The Chonggo Samurai who were losing had to reteat all the way to the part of the Great Wall at Yinchuan in order to stay far enough. The Japanese stayed at Baotou. The Japanse Samurai also set C4 charges all over the estern part of the Wall. When they set of the charges, the Great Wall was reduced to half its original length and was renamed "Great Wall that was Once Great but now is not as Great as it was before and is now half its size but is still Great any how of China". This enraged the Chonggo Clan and after some time of careful consideration and well thought of planning, both sides decided to charge and kill as many as possible until all enemies are destroyed. The resulting battle annihilated all troops and none were left leaving the Great Wall a desserted inaccessible pile of rocks, rubble,skeletons of ancient chinese people and dog shit.

Battle of Hokkaido[edit]

The Chonggo Clan responed to the destruction caused by the Japanese who now called themselves the Yakuza Clan. The first battle started as soon as the Conggos landed at Sapporo. The Yakuza first went head-on and both sides lost 69 on both sides until the Yakuzas were ordered back temporarily. The next battle would happen after the Chonggos received reinforcements. The Kim Jong Il Clan(North Koreans) came to reinforce the Chonggos and pushed back the Yakuzas. The Yakuzas had a secret weapon though, The Ainus. The Ainus are a clan but their territory of Hokkaido is under Japan and so collaborate with the Yakuza Clan. The Ainus were discriminated since the classical eras of Japan and gay human rights people are working on law proposals to prevent discrimination but until then, The Ainus are forced to fight and weaken the Chonggo and Kim Jon Ill Clan until all the Chonggos and Kim Jong Ill Clan were weakened. This let the Yakuzas take advantage and strike the two clans at Sapporo. Although they collaborate with the Yakuza Clan, The Ainu Clan wanted independence and sided with the Chonggo-Kim Jong Ill Coalition and pushed the Japanese from Hokkaido and the Kim Jong Ill Clan returned to North Korea. Unfortunately for the Ainus, the Chonggos treated them also as expendible cannon fodder and charged them at Aomori at Honshu. This was foiled because of a sudden attack from Monster Hello Kitties that decimated the Ainus and destroyed their entire civilization. The Chonggos left Hokkaido with destroyed cities, barren forests and raped women.

Last Confrontation[edit]

The Chonggos faced the Yakuza at Seoul, South Korea, ironically, South Korea did not want to be involved but was ordered to by The Ghost as a battle ground. The Ghost allowed any intervention by any clan within A.R.C. Nation. After The Chonggos and Yakuzas arrived, the Kim Jong Ill Army soon came after and then the Vietcong(Vietnamese) Clan came to aid the Chonggos. It seemed that the odds were stacked against the Yakuza when suddenly, the Bombay(Indian) Clan came to support the Yakuza. The Battle was fierce with the Bombays throwing curry into the Chonggos, Kim Jong Ill Clan and Vietcongs which stained their clothes and made them smell bad. The Conggos retaliated by using real live dragons which burned the Bombays. The Yakuzas however use a new genetic discovery, Mutant Ainu Hairy Short Goblin Monsters. This breed of Ainu was taken from the bodies of dead Ainu which were mutated and revived with nuclear reviving technology which lead to more mutation. The result was a small hairy monster which could easily be cloned with a carrot. They were so numerous along with the overpopulated Indian Population involved in the battle as the Bomay Clan, they pushed back the also overpopulated Chinese population in the battle as the Chonggos and the much smaller numbers of the Kim Jong Ill clan and Vietcong Clan. at the point of the battle seemed to have no end, a new force came, the P-Noy(Filipino) Clan. The Pinoys were composed of both Pinoy (Natural Filipinos) and Tsinoy(Chinese-Filipino) Samurai after the discrimination ban issued by The Ghost was implemented fully in society in the Philippines. The P-Noys were extremely formidable with a force of double sword samurais that used Arnis (The martial art of the Philippines which involves two ratan rods or swords). In fact they were so powerful that both coalitions banned together to fight the P-Noys. The P-Noys were being pushed back with guns brought out by the coalitions but this was actually a tactical retreat in which the P-Noys used their secret weapons, The Moros(Muslims). When the ban on discrimination in the Philippine state was implemented, it applied also to the Moros who had their own clan at the time. Now, they have been absorbed into the P-Noy forces. The Moros were quite the fighters which with combined forces of all P-Noys, were able to push all of them back. Not even the Monster Ainus were a match for the combined strength of Filipino, Chinese and Muslim Samurai. In fact, the monster Ainus were captured and sent to Siberia to be eaten by penguins but escaped into Alaska where they were brought to hell by Satan who had hidden a portal to Hell in Alaska. In the End, all Coalitions surrendered to the P-Noys and the Battle for Middle Kingdom ended with no actual change in territory. This also left Seoul completely destroyed.

A Divided State[edit]

The P-Noy Clan was declared as the winner of the Battle for Middle Kingdom despite no change in territory. Because of this, the three races of the Philippines began to feud and discriminate each other. The Tsinoys claimed to have been the best Samurai as they have the closest relation to actual ancient Samurai (Being of the Mongoloid Race), the Pinoys claimed to be the best fighters and hardest workers and can with stand battle more than any race in the clan along with being the race who invented Arnis, but the Muslims claimed to be the best fighters and had never been conquered by the Spanish in ancient times.

Battle of Baguio[edit]

Baguio city was the site chosen by The Ghost for a battle between the Pinoys and Tsinoys, The Muslims could intervene but living all the way south, it would take a long time. The Pinoys started with doing Arnis with AK-47s which spread in many directions killing much on both sides so the Pinoys stopped. The Tsinoys countered by using Kung Fu techniques like the Buddhsit Palm but since some of them were Christian, them move had another variation called the Christian Palm. The battle was still equal with the Tsinoys using Kung Fu techniques and the Pinoys used the AK-47s. The battle took so long that two days later, both side truced, but the battle would continue as the Muslims finally arrived and called both sides gay and ass holes so the battle resumed with all sides fighting against each other. The Muslims then used their Krises with Arnis to take advantage but the time in midway between midday and sunset where the Sunni Muslims had to do their Asr which is part of their Salat(5 daily prayers in 5 different times of the day). The Shia Muslims attempted to continue fighting but it proved futile and they had to retreat to their camp where all the Sunni were praying. The Shias were so pissed off that they began killing the Sunni but the devout Sunni still continued to pray so before retreating for Mindanao, the Shias all killed the rest of the Sunni who were still doing Salat. As for the Pinoys and Tsinoys, the continuous battles caused their forces to dwindle and the native Ifugao warriors(who were not allowed to be called Samurai) took advantage and drove them off from Baguio.

The Battle at Cebu[edit]

Filipinos are devout in Religion and this did not please The Ghost. Now that the Major races of the Philippines were more concentrated at fighting each other, The Ghost saw opportunity to use the Moros and Buddhists to fight at Cebu, the Pinoys would also get involved but not noticing The Ghost's plan. There is a rather large chance that the fighting would destroy monuments such as the famous Magellan's Cross located here at Cebu. The fighting would most likely destroy the religious monument which The Ghost could not do in caution of uprisings as he was known for being good and responsible leader who is loved by the people in A.R.C. Nation for letting them hack each other's brains out with swords. The ensuing battle started with the Moros taking hold of the area around the monument. Realizing what could happen, the Pinoys dispatched a task force to sabbotage the Moro camp and allow the Pinoys to capture the area. The task force however, was captured and beheaded with their heads put on barbeque sticks outside the Moro Camp to warn all who dare approach. The Tsinoys at the time were tactically waiting for rushed actions by the Pinoys and Moros to leave an opening. The Tsinoys knew about the Pinoys' attempts to recapture the Magellan's Cross and would rsort to depleting their forces just to protect it. This would have worked but the Moros suddenly appeared to do nothing at one point at the time after midday. The Pinoys hesitated at first to attack so none of the sides were losing making the Tsinoys quite antsy. When the Pinoys decided to attack a few minutes later, they discovered the Moros were doing Dhuhr(Midday Salat). The Filipinos then easily slaughtered the Muslims out of the atrocity of having muslims practice Salat at a Catholic monument. A recorded 6900 Sunni believers were killed. The Tsinoys plan back-fired and they ended up being the ones to rush the Pinoys. Although the Pinoys had the Advantage the Tsinoys easily broke through and began fighting close to the monument which the Pinoys defended with their lives. It looked like there was no end to the fighting until out of nowhere, a piano fell from the sky and crushed Magellan's Cross. The Pinoys and Tsinoys then stopped fighting and came back to Luzon to eat fishballs (A Filipino Street delicacy).

Slaughter at Sulu[edit]

The Ghost was very happy that a piano coincidentialy fell from the sky and destroyed the Magellan's Cross. This time the next battleground he chose would be the Sulu Archipelago. All three side were involved with the battle. The Moros however had all islands under control but his would change as the Pinoys attacked from the west and the Tsinoys attacked from the east. The two attacks put the Moros in much confusion as two different sides were being occupied at the same time. Now, out of 3 major islands of Sulu, the one to the west was under the Pinoys and the one to the east was captured by the Tsinoys. The Moros were now in the middle of the two forces. After sunset that day, the Tsinoys and Pinoys approached, they noticed that the Moro base had no defenders and easily moved in and moved cautiously into the Moro Camp. Within the east barracks of the Moro base, the Tsinoys discovered the Shia Muslims who viciously amushed them and drove the Tsinoys off. The Pinoys had more luck as they went to the west barracks, the Sunni were there faithfully doing their Maghrib(Salat after Sunset). The Pinoys easily slaughtered every single one killing 69000 Sunni Muslims thus the battle was dubbed, Slaughter at Sulu.

The Last Stand[edit]

The Moros were losing all battles and had no choice but to deflect the Pinoys and Tsinoys in Mindanao. Although they were worried about attack and raised their defenses, the Pinoys and Tsinoys actually had no idea where they were and while searching, would have encounters with each other and would begin to fight. As the Pinoys and Tsinoys reduced each other's forces, the fighting destroyed a wall of shrubs that revealed a path to the Muslims. As the Pinoys were reduced and forced to leave, the Tsinoys began to advance into the enemy camp attempting a surprise attack. It took them until some time between dawn and sunrise to reach the base. As they reached the base, they snuck in and as they rushed the barracks they were surprised to discover the Moros doing Fajr(Salat between dawn and sunrise). The Tsinoys easily destroyed the Sunni Muslims and this time became cautious about the Shia. As the Shia ambush began, the Tsinoys were prepared with sticky Tikoys(Chinese sweet rice cakes fried dipped in egg or flour) which blinded the Shias and were attacked until all were killed and the other Moros in Mindanao surrendered.

The Battle of Mayon[edit]

The last clash between the warring races of the Philippines would happen at the Mayon Volcano in Bicol. The Mt. Mayon was once considered a wonder of the Philippines for it's perfect cone shape but due to eruptions in the past years, Mayon has been losing its perfect cone shape and was declared by The Ghost to be the sight of the last battle between the Pinoys and the Tsinoys. The Pinoys started by throwing their burning rice plants picked up from farmlands at the foot of the volcano. The Tsinoys countered with their Tikoys but the Pinoys wore goggles. The Pinoys finally brought out the AK-47s and did their deadly Arnis-AK style which again, devastated both sides. The Chinese then planted C4 charges but waited to detonate them. But the Pinoys were able to find out and attempted to find the charges but could not find a single one. The Tsinoys then pulled back and detonated the charges. To the Pinoy's dismay, the charges were placed atop the Volcano and caused an eruption but the eruption was so powerful that both forces were completely annihilated.

The Ghost's Intervention[edit]

The battle was meant to be the last and would unify all races of the Philippines but remaining Pinoy, Tsinoy and Moro forces continued to fight each other. Due to this, The Ghost had no choice but to intervene. With his greatness and superior A.R.C. Army, he was able to defeat all races at once with Type 69 Napalm which lowered their morale so much that they all surrendered without any attempt to escape and regroup. After reinstating the P-Noy Samurai Clan, the P-Noys were allowed to be called samurai once again.

The Reunification[edit]

The Ghost realized A.R.C. Nation's drop in its guard because of the Samurai wars and because of this, abolished the samurai clans and had all samurai rejoin the Main Arcist Army. Later he restored the Arcist army back to its former glory. It was quite fortunate that no nation was brave enough to attack the clearly superior and glorious A.R.C. Nation. After reunification and reorganization of A.R.C. Nation it was time to move on once more.

Chaos in Europe[edit]

Returning to the times of the A.R.C. samurai, the Chaos became rampant in Europe. The Chaos began as all of Europe was panicing at the thought of being invaded by the Arcists. The population of Italy dropped by 69% as most of them moved to Switzerland. Each European country has then taken advantage by attempting to unify all of Europe to prepare for the Arcist invasion.

The Conquest of Italy[edit]

The initial conflict began when the Pope's Swiss Guard was transformed as the Special Papal Forces or SPF and began to conquer the rest of Italy under the leadership of Pope Darth Benedict XVI. Since Vatican was within Rome, Rome was first to be taken and Darth Benedict XVI then took over the government instantly. Because it was the Pope who attempted to capture Italy, only the already demoralized Italian Military was fighting back and all citizens that were still living in Italy instantly collaborated with the Pope. The SPF easily destroyed the Italian Military and all of Italy was conquered and renamed the Church. The Pope also conquered and annexed San Mariano and Malta into the Church.

Invasion of Albania[edit]

Albania was straight across the Adriatic Sea so it baecame the next target for The Church. Albania was relatively small but capturing it will give a faster way to Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. The Church forces easily entered Tirana but what waited for them at the city were none other than the Romanian Orthodox Church who now had the power to call upon the power of Orthodox, the God of Orthodoxism. The Orthodixites first used Orthodox's power to call a rain of dead armadillos upon Vatican City but the Pope summoned the power of God to send all the armadillos to Siberia where they froze to death and were eaten by monster elephants and eskimos. The Orthodoxists then tried to use Orthodox's power to unleash an opening to the Abyss which sucked up the entire Adriatic Sea. A.R.C. Abyss facilities were surprised to find Balonan wet and covered with the caviar of dead fishes. The Pope countered by sending street children to beg the Orthodoxians until all the money was begged. The Orthodoxcists answered by massacring all street children in the country. The resulting carnage shoked the world so much that the Tsar of Romania Exploded and the Pastor Richards Slavation Statue fell from the sky after an attempt to launch the statue into space. The Chrch then captured Tirana and annexed the area into The Church.

Collapse of the European Union[edit]

Because the individual armies of each member state began to vy to take control of all of Europe in preparation for the coming Arcist invasion, the European Union was disbanded. Although still controversial, all the former member states still use Euros as currency. The Church itself had made the first move by invading all of Italy under the leadership of the Pope and another member state of Albania. This caused the other member state to go into mass panic and extreme feuding between former member states. The newspapers claimed that the feuding started when French people threw shit at a group of German People but this is still under investigation. About 69,000,000 refugees covered in shit moved into Switzerland (Which was never part of the Union) to take refuge but because they were covered in shit, they were rejected and sent back to the battlefield where all of them died because of extreme bombing and artillery fire.

Invasion of Switzerland[edit]

Switzerland may be the safest nation in the world but The Pope doesn't care. He rules the Church with an iron fist and will do anything to expand his power. The next expected target was Greece but there was a change in The Church's plan for expansion so they headed north and easily took Switzerland by using a barrage of crucifix missiles. The Swiss government instantly surrendered due to this. This move by The Chuch Shocked the world except A.R.C. Nation of course.

Annexation of Greece[edit]

After showing their tyranny to the rest of the world, The Chuch then turned their sights back to Greece. The Greeks were well prepared with an new army of artificial genetically modified Centaurs made from the upper half of several human experiments and the bodies of decapitated horses. They were able to wipe out The Church's first offensive with only 6 dead centaurs and 9 injured ones. The next few attacks would turn out the same and the SPF were on the brink of destruction until, out of nowhere, a missile which exploded into a huge cloud of white smoke covered all the centaurs. When the smoke cleared, all the centaurs were frozen and the SPF were able to destroy all of them. A clearly confused Pope received a transmission from The Ghost who introduced A.R.C.'s newest chem warfare weapon, Nitro69. The Ghost explained how sperm could do the same with Nitrogen as it could with Napalm and thus creating Nitro69. The dismayed Pope could do nothing but issue the next order to attack.

The Northern Movement[edit]

The Church was apparently expanding North and their next targets were the nations of former Yugoslavia. Their expansion started with the immediate occupation of Macedonia. The Church took the Macedonian government completely by surprise and Serbia and Montenegro soon followed. Their pattern of conquest became obvious and Bosnia and Herzegovina would prepare to attempt to defend their country. The SPF then seemed to rush into battle which got several of their troops killed. The still shocked Pope had actually ordered for the immediate conquest of all former Yugoslavian nations in order to connect the nations across the Adriatic Sea to the main Church territory in order to speed up the European unification in preparation for the impending Arcist invasion. Croatia was easily conquered by the SPF and Slovenia surrendered. The surrender marked the connection of the conquered territories to the main Church territory.

The death of Justin Tan[edit]

in 2007 Their Leader Justin Tan died of back spasms and cancer to the brain as well as constiaption of the brain and loose bowel movement of the mouth. Today no one really remember hims because he's just a hunch backed loser who hates God.

“His last word were: We're gay and we're communists.LIVE WITH IT!”

~ gay Lim the homo on the death of their leader