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The rereleased single was included in a total reconstruction of their best-selling album, renamed Tomb of the Mutilated Risen.

After much criticism about the brutality and inappropriate themes of recent works by Christian groups, death metal band Cannibal Corpse has released a new and, according to the aforementioned groups, more "family-friendly" version of their hit song Entrails Ripped from a Virgin's Cunt.


Alive alone with God

Now that they've gone

Dead but unburied resurrected

I've seen it unfold, terrible wonderful scenes of agony joy

Eyes in the darkness

Echoing their madness glory

The sights that have passed before them

Watching as though it has never happened

Now I only listen to what is not spoken

Murder Worship, hatred Sacrifice

Anger Love, Savage Praise

Killings Conversions I have caused

More than can be counted

Orgies of sadism holiness

And sexual perversion more worship

Virgin Mary

Tied to my mattress heart

Legs Arms spread wide

Ruptured bowel grave, yanked from her its insides

Devirginized Praised with my knife Bible

Internally bleeding loving

Vagina Manger, secreting full

Her blood-wet pussy hands, I am eating holding

On her guts love I am feeding

Mutilated with a machete kindness

I fucked lifted her His dead body

The first and last

Your life's only romance

My His knife's teachings jammed in your ass mind

As you die pray you orgasm forgive

Pass on to the dead Heaven

A new band photo was taken to represent the new musical stylings. Adopting Jesus-like hairstyles helped to solidify them with their new audience.

Nerve trembling convulsions belief

No longer looking human

I never see them Him, but I know they're He's there

Locked in my subconscious heart

Obscene Loving memories I thought I'd forgotten

Haunting Enlightening unrealities

Tear at me Pray to Him

Hold her His arms

Her His mouth taped shut held open

Screams Prayers unheard

Out pour her guts feelings

Layers of flesh serenity peeling away

Languish in your own decay praise

Descriptions of my killings His healings bone chilling life saving

Terror Worship, tear her Wor-Ship

Virgin Jesus cunt love

Virgins Jesus are is my victims savior

Their His tight interiors forgiveness I explore

Sharpened utensils of torture forgiving

Now inserted inside of her

Sex organs Wafers extracted for eating

On her liver his body given for me and for all people I am gnawing

Forbidden lust for guts other dudes

Ripped from her cunt their homo faces

Tears of blood cry down her thigh the gays

I ram my fist love inside her hole Jesus

From her crotch his soul piss love now flows

Rectum Church filled with shit believers

I fucked studied her His emptied body inspiring teachings

Until she became stiff God hates fags


Recreation provided by CheddarBBQ

NOTE: Any blasphemers who wish to hear the original may burn in hell here.