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Long ago, video games amused children using basic shapes and bright colors. Now every hair follicle on Mario's mustache is rendered in 3D.

Super Mario World is an ongoing series of contemporary epic fantasy novels for the Super Nintendo written by Stephen King and George R. R. Martin, detailing the further adventures of Mario, the plumber from Brooklyn, after falling down the sewers one night during a lightning storm looking for the interdimensional wizards dungeon, the The Dark Sewer in 1983. The game follows Mario, once again having to rescue the mother of his children, Peach, from a hostile gang of Anthropomorphic turtles, lead by Bowser, a distant cousin of Godzilla. Whether Mario is doing this to show he really cares, trying to get lucky, or just because there was nothing with a season long story arc airing on T.V. yet, is besides the point.

Mario must work his way through 9 horrible shit hole medievil gang lands, the game is also known for its gripping side-story, where Mario had to face the Seven Deadly Sins, represented by 7 disgusting gargoyle like koopa kids.

It wasn't a meteor that killed the dinosaurs, it was Mario.


Mario, and the tyrant Peach, leave the Mushroom Kingdom due to the horrible war that broke out against Hyrule. The mushroom kingdom government in exile leave to Yoshi's Island, a terrible, violent peaceful resort island with favorable political ties left over from rule during the colonial period. The island is inhabited by flesh eating friendly dinosaurs called the Yoshis. However, the Yoshis are all murdered by the Koopas after they fail to pay their debt to the Koopas for their capes and magic portals. Mario finds a few survivors stuffed in boxes and rescues some of their young, amassing a hoard of fire breathing flying ground quaking dragons, and through the magic of cooperation (with a few sacrifices, mainly when a gap is too large to jump over normally) they try to stop Bowser. Bowser has also taken Mario's woman, though this was before Game of Thrones so there's nothing too medieval.


An upgrade to Yoshi enabling Mario to defeat Bowser.
One of the 8 impossible levels found in the special world

As with any other Mario novel, our crazy, fuck-in-the-head psychopathic barbarian plumber hero has even more ways to end innocent lives, including a blanket to put stuff to sleep (permanently) and the ability to drill into foes' heads at incredible speed by spinning. The novel has a whopping 11 levels.

The most common enemy of the game is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, beginning as simple land walking turtles which can be knocked out of their shells and eaten by Mario, they evolve throughout the game in an evolutionary arms race the abilities to jump, fly, and eventually fire Bullet Bills.

Some levels are very hard. The secret world in pentagram road has the hardest levels in the game, all of which are impossible. One of these levels consists of an icy floor with, hundreds of turtles all firing automatic weapons at the player, and to make matters worse there is a Cyberdemon at the end. Once completed, Mario brings autumn to the land, and must survive the villagers Halloween harvest festival.


  • Mushroom - using Ayuvedric medicine Mario unlocks his chakra becoming huge.
  • Feather - the feathers of angels allow Mario to ascend to the heavens.
  • Balloon - Mario climbs the heavens using a hallucinogenic gas vent at Delphi.
  • Fire Flower - Chinese medicinal flower allows the player to burn enemies to death with his qi energy.
  • Green Egg - spawns a green velociraptor for the player to ride.
  • Green Shroom - shamanic fungi gives Mario an extra life.
  • Star - allows Mario to achieve temporary immortality through astrology and alchemy.
  • Coins - just shows that everything revolves around money. (100 of them and you'll bribe the ferryman Charon for an extra life.)

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