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John Elway posed for the design of their recent logo

The Denver Broncos are a team in the NFL, and also the largest branch of Colorado State Government. This makes Peyton Manning the Governor of Colorado. All other players become the mayors of Colorado towns and cities and can "call their own plays" with a smaller scope.

Colorado's economy is fueled by ticket sales and memorabilia profits. The Broncos monopolize Denver's sports scene, though Colorado has other professional sports teams so that residents can kill time during the football off-season.

Move to Denver[edit]

In 1962 a lack of funds, and fear of bankruptcy, forced then-owner John Madden to sell his team from Chihuahua, Mexico, to Denver Colorado. Luckily, he also changed the name, which used to be the Fighting Donkeys, after it failed to intimidate opponents but led to mocking from their own fans. The name was changed in 1964, but the uniforms stayed the same, with yellow and brown colors and vertically striped yellow and brown socks. The logo was a donkey with a football player riding it. This was a fitting logo, because the donkey was the only reasonable form of transportation due to financial problems early on.

Early rivalry[edit]

With the formation of the AFC, Denver played teams like the Boston Patriots, New York Titans, LA Chargers, Dallas Texans, Oakland Raiders, Houston Oilers, and the New Jersey Alley Cats.

John Elway era[edit]

John Elway was drafted into the NFL by the Miami Dolphins, but was traded to the Indianapolis Colts because he most resembled a horse. He was unhappy with the Colts, so he held out for a trade or threatened to play professional handball. With the thought of losing such a promising young quarterback to the NHBL ( National Hand Ball League) the commissioner of the NFL sent him to the Broncos another team that Could use a quarterback that looked like a horse. John Elway went to 5 Super Bowls, winning only 2 of them at the end of his career. At the announcement of his retirement, John was awarded ownership of the Broncos, as is any quarterback for the NFL who wins 2 Super Bowls for his team.


Mile High Stadium was Denver's first official football stadium. The early Bears stadium which hosted Broncos games was actually an arena for circus performances. They chose this venue because the elephant crap was such a great fertilizer, that it gave the Broncos the greenest field in the league. They were forced to build the Mile High stadium because of scheduling conflicts with the Denver circus.

After success and and a great boost in fan fan base growth due to fair-weather fans joining because of their 2 Super Bowl victories, the city of Denver wanted to renovate Mile high Stadium. They had surveyors come measure for new expansions. These surveyors found that the stadium was actually three feet away from being an actual mile above sea level, making the name of the stadium a lie. The city was forced to tear down or rename the stadium. Having no creative thinking skills the owners decided to tear down the stadium and move it to the southern parking lot of the old stadium. The new stadium was at the correct elevation to keep the name mile high. After the new stadium was built and ready for football, the ownership realized they didn't have enough money to buy feed for their mascot horse thunder, so they sold rights to name the stadium to Invesco, an investment company that invested its money to help build mini machine guns to the children of Cambodia to protect themselves from the bloodsucking vampire dogs that roam the streets.

Peyton Manning era[edit]

Broncos have fans that hail from every corner of the universe

Needing a break from playing in an indoor stadium, Peyton asked for a trade. His then coach Archie Manning decided to let him pretend to have a neck injury for a year break in the Canadian football league. Nobody cares about Canadian Football so his stint there was not recorded and nothing is really known about this. His year absence created a bad taste in the mouths of Indy fans so they petitioned for a banishment to Denver, where they were told all disgraced former Colt QB's are sent.

Projects for bettering the community and NFL[edit]

  • The Broncos Sponsored a junior Head Coaches clinic, where they allowed participents to coach the team Josh McDaniels was a product of this program and his lack of success and responsibility forced management to cancel the program
  • The Broncos Help with the support of breast cancer awareness by changing their name to the Unicorns and changing their colors to pink and magenta during the month of October
  • Denver is currently petitioning the league to move their scout team to London, England, in hopes to bring an expansion team to Europe. Rumors say if successful, they will be called The Denver Broncos of London.

Notable Broncos[edit]

  • Retired Tight end Shannon Sharpe was also forced to be a Bronco because of his close resemblance to a horse
  • Receiving great Jerry Rice was close to being a Bronco but contract negotiations fell through because Jerry was stubborn about management removing the ice cream after every game clause from his contract.
  • The Broncos' best running back, Terrell Davis made the decision to retire when his robotic legs, the reason for his success, were confiscated by the government.
  • Tim Tebow will forever go down in history as the Broncos' most popular quarterback, he was all over the media. CBS actually filmed a whole game with him mic'd up while sitting on the bench. No actual game footage was shown, just Tebow kneeling down, this later brought up the phrase the "Tebowing".