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What? How do you expect anyone to write about absurdism. The mere nature of your statement is absurd. Here's why.

There are two kinds of Absurd. The emo kind and the funny kind. The emo kind was made up by philosopher Albert Camus. Camus thought that trying to figure out the universe was meaningless, because it was impossible for puny humans to do so. And you, how can you just sit there reading a web page for humor when it amounts to nothing! Why? It's absurd; it makes no difference. You are going to die, so stop acting like you matter, fool.

The funny kind is basically Randomness but a lot more pancake. It was invented by Oscar Wilde, of course.

Origins of Absurdism[edit]

The concept of Absurdism was hatched by Oscar Wilde during a three week bender with Rudyard Kipling, Nero and that guy from the Dr. Who Show (the cool one with the scarf, not those other twits). His concept revolved around the idea that if given enough time, a room full of an infinite number of The Monkees could recreate the song "Last Train to Clarksville". After kicking Rudyard Kipling in the nuts, Wilde exclaimed "That's f*&king absurd!". And thus, the concept of Absurdism was born. Wilde used his new type of humor in his books like UnBooks:The Four Trials of Sir Uncyclopedia in which he hiself is a minor character.

SPAM Pie Chciken piggy n00b. You see what makes that different from Randomness is it's meaninglessness, linking the humor with philosophy. Thre is no good reason why it should be there in fact why should any of this exist. Why should you and I exist. Everything is Absurd. You should kill your self*

  • Soren appears to be absent.....too much melancholy?"

Theatre of the Absurd[edit]

The Theatre of the Absurd was the pincle of ALL existentialist, Absurdist, and Random humor liturature. It was the combined effort between Albert Camus, Sartre, Oscar Wilde, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Mark Twain, Noel Coward, and Simone de Beauvoir. all of the plays were so meaninglessly "deep" they were funny. Puls the repeated cries of "Tacos!" and "Robot Cheesewizz" was funny too. Each play looked at how meaningless and futile life is. Their very writting of it is an act of Absurdity. Each play refected the sheer supidity of people who are "happy" and "alive". Stupid idots. Splooch!

Modern Absurdity[edit]

Hell, look around. In fact, look in a mirror, moron! It's everywhere! Just go to Starbucks! What the hell is a doublecapalattefrappaturdbrain!

Other Things That Are Absurd[edit]

Oh, we almost forgot...

 *HowTo:Kill Yourself