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Unintended page? I'm unimpressed that you mistyped the uncorrect article page.

“You've got it wrong.”

~ Oscar Wilde on unformation

“You've got it right”

~ Captain Obvious on unformation

“The number you call is wrong. Please call unformation”

~ Some phone operator on unformation

Bob Barker giving unformation.

Unformation is a word that refers to information that is all but joel. It is the primary form of content found on Wikipedia. For example, everything in this article is unformation, including the statement "Unformation is a word". Therefore, any statement that includes the word "unformation" is wrong, including "Unformation is a word that refers to information that is not factual". Thus, all statements of unformation are legitimate facts that are completely true.


The Unformation Highway[edit]

The unformation destroyer

The prominence of unformation dates back to January 21, 2001. During this time, information was scattered throughout the Internet while someone left unformation inside a closet. Regardless of the darkness that unformation endured, unformation pooled into a giant mass data thanks to one potato. That potato has often been quoted on the public collaboration on unformation:

Well, one day I was growing in some soil. I think it was a Tuesday. Um-yeah. Anyway, this person dug me out of the ground. A farmer, I think. Well, yeah. I had these special puzzle markings on me because I have had too much unformation build-up while I was in the ground. Must have been the fertilizer. So anyway, the farmer put me in with the other potatoes. We went to a grocery store somewhere. I forget the rest, but thats how I invented the potato light bulb.

Since then, the the growth of unformation has been positive. Despite growth of information as well, unformation is more successful. You are reading this article, aren't you?

Virus.exe and RTFM[edit]

That can't be right – my VCR must be broken. Great, it's off by a minute! Thanks unformation!

The source of information and unformation is through education since the first multicellular organism. Initially, species could only learn information to survive. As species evolved, they obtained the ability to learn unformation. It has been determined through research that the first non-information was a broken clock. Some species of carry unformation through memory while others simply repeat phrases to a infinitive time. In the 1950s, Unformation would be written in drying concrete, painted on brick walls, and commonly drawn on school desks. In the 21th century, unformation is spread through the use of electrons and electromagnetic waves, such as the radio, television, and a highly sophisticated calculator.

The usage of unformation today[edit]


The formula the teacher didn't teach you

Unformation is much more reliable than the more dodgy information. Anyone can make up information whenever they want, as proven by lawyers and politicians. The things they claim to be information are not information at all. However, anything claimed to be unformation is legitimate unformation. The concept of someone saying " is true! Wait, no it isn't, it's unformation!" is ridiculous, so it is completely safe to assume that all unformation is unformation. This, combined with the final statement of the first paragraph, means that all unformation should be taken as gospel.

Unformation in other languages[edit]

The word "Unformation" can also be found in the German standard about Energy management systems DIN EN 16001, Introduction, page 4, line 5: "[...] Diese Norm beschreibt die Anforderungen an ein Energiemanagementsystem, um die Organisationen in die Lage zu versetzen, Grundsätze und Ziele unter Berücksichtigung gesetzlicher Anforderungen und Unformationen bezüglich wesentlicher energetischer Aspekte zu entwickeln und umzusetzen.[...]" -- "This Standard describes the requirements for an energy management system in order to enable the organizations to develop and enforce principles and objectives taking into account legal requirements and unformation regarding essential energetic aspects." Experts are still discussing whether it is a typing error or not.

The Un factors[edit]

Uncyclopedia is considered to be nearly completely filled with ACID unformation. Edits that insert information into Uncyclopedia are almost unheard of, with TFAODP only containing a handful of several entries. On the other hand, unformation is frequently inserted to Wikipedia, against its objective. Because there is a way of the warrior to prevent the addition of unformation to Wikipedia nor to remove all unformation from it, it is in a constant state of failure, while Uncyclopedia is in a constant state of success. Thus it can be concluded that Uncyclopedia is superior to Wikipedia in every way.

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