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My Sojourn cover.png

  • Chapter 1, where I have a highly unpleasant encounter with a large bovine, while in Canada
  • Chapter 2, where I accidentally complete 1600 pages of writing, while being bored in London
  • Chapter 3, where I realise that I strongly resemble a female reindeer
  • Chapter 4, where I find myself launching grapes and sheep, while in Troy
  • Chapter 5, where I have an intellectually-stimulating conversation with an English teacher on my second trip to Canada
  • Chapter 6, where I confuse the North and the South
  • Chapter 7, where I switch roles with the yak, now familiar to me, while in the Soviet Union
  • Chapter 8, where I try to eat a cake on my visit to Paris
  • Chapter 9, where I try to talk to a hungry crowd, while in a very New Testament-like town
  • Chapter 10, where I discover my alter ego, who is a professional Uncyclopedian
  • Chapter 11, where an iceberg nearly drowns me
  • Chapter 12, where I come back to Titanic, only to almost be drowned again
  • Chapter 13, where book characters reveal themselves to be very dangerous people
  • Chapter 14, where I understand that past friends should remain such
  • Chapter 15, where I discover my son from an entirely new perspective
  • Chapter 16, where the calmness of my life is suddenly perturbed
  • Chapter 17, where a similar event as in the last chapter occurs, only on the Internet
  • Chapter 18, where it is proved that fishing is the least peaceful activity one could ever imagine
  • Chapter 19, where I cannot even take a glass of coffee
  • Chapter 20, where I am cruelly laughed at
  • Chapter 21, where it is demonstrated that humans and apes have a lot in common
  • Chapter 22, where the American Vice President remains faithful to his habits
  • Chapter 23, where I lose my illusions about Christian Bale's personality
  • Chapter 24, where I find out that an Athenian queen cannot rely on her step-children
  • Chapter 25, where some kid blows up my hotel, ruining my sojourn