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He kind of looked like this, only more psycho... and American.

Dude, that fucking guy was pissed. Like, WTF?

So there I was[edit]

working on the set of Terminator Salvation, doing my Director of Photography thing with the light fixtures, diffuse-angle reflectors, and coordinating everything by carefully observing and measuring camera angles, arranging light-stand placement to the millimeter while taking into account arc-light wattage compensation and specific-diva-request highlighting of actors best sides and features, right? Like, badass Terminator professionally trained ultra-specific light and shadowing shit.

and this fucking Christian Bale[edit]

bursts off the set, spit flying, arms waving, red-faced, and kicking my best electrical generators all over the place, and finally instead of going for the rest of the crew he makes a Baleline straight for me.

so I pulled out my[edit]

sorry face and apologized the shit out of the thing, and he still tries to get me fired! WTF?

I barely got away with a major ear-ache, temporarily slumped shoulders, chronic bowed-head syndrome, and a severe lack of self esteem.

No, seriously. Bale nearly destroyed my lighting technician equipment.

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