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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Fox "News"?
This is a picture of the World War 3 in France SPONSERED BY AMERICA

This article is NOT biased.

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Today's News[edit]

  • America has nuked Iran. Apparently people think the nuke was just a canister full of food. GO AMERICA!
  • Jurassic Park 14 has started filming. Steven Spielberg recently said "Screw this movie. I am going to go work with Uwe Boll on his new Bio Dome sequel". Suspects believe Tommy Wiseau took over production of Jurassic Park 14.
  • A remake of Star Wars has began production, starring Zac Effron as Luke Skywalker
  • The Westboro Baptist Church lead the Gay Rights parade on Friday.
  • A bottle of Coke now costs $6. Cheap!
Damn Russians fighting for White Russian

Yesterday's News[edit]

  • Plan 9 from Outer Space was selected to be preserved by AFI. Uwe Boll took place of the late Ed Wood in giving the speach.
  • Noah's Ark has been confirmed by God as 100% true.

BIASED Questions And Answers[edit]

  • Q: Is this article a lie?
  • A: No.
  • Q: Is Tommy Wiseau a good director?
  • A: Yes.
  • Q: Are you lying
  • A: No.
  • Q: Is Megan Fox hot?
  • A: Yes.
  • Q: Is Unyclopedia funny?
  • A: No.
  • Q: What about Fred Phelps?
  • A: NO!!! He is even nicer!!!
  • Q: Is Michael Jackson being dead for almost two years, and people STILL talking about him like he died yesterday annoying?
  • A: No.
  • Q: Is this article biased?
  • A: No. The title is a lie.

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