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12 April 2007

Imus offering racist advice for pimps and hos alike.

NEW YORK, NY - Feminist group, the Chesapeake Union for National Tolerance, have gathered outside the home of the mother of radio shock jock, Don Imus demanding that the elderly woman disown her crotch dropping. At issue for the group is Imus' on air comments regarding the Rutgers University women's basketball team, whom he referred to as 'nappy-headed hos'.

Imus mum seen here figuring out how to handle all those nappy-headed hos

The group's leader, Clitoria Johnson, made this statement. "With the pressure these young female athletes face today: To do well in school with special treatment from their teachers, perform well in their sport while not quite at championship level, the competition they face with MILFs stealing their boyfriends and then to have some misogynist radio host make fun of their hairstyle. That's beyond what we women are willing to tolerate. First it's our weight, now it's our hair... screw you limp dicks!"

Clit continued, "MSNBC has fired this prick, CBS radio has suspended him, and we demand that his mother disown the misogynist bastard! We also want every woman on the planet to stand with us and declare that they won't bump uglies with this judgemental creep. Let him blow straight haired old white men if that's who he respects."

Imus had this to say in response, "I'm through with apologizing, because I think I'm right. So I'm not going to go talk to the balding Larry King or that big-haired Barbara Walters or anyone else, especially not these short haired dykes, who want to turn my mom against me."

"The only other people I want to talk to are the nappy headed hos of the team, and then that's it."

Mrs. Imus could not be reached for comment, but we're pretty sure she was doing some young black guy.