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24 April 2009

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Bill O'Reilly, author, pundit extrordinaire. Sweden, vibrators, and Socialism really piss him off.

FOX NEWS, America! -- Don't let those cute jowels fool you; Bill O'Reilly is a mad dog with a boner! The latest bunch of pinkos to feel his wrath? Sweden.

On his Fox News program "The Hypocrite Factor" recently, the veteran commentator, talking about following the Obama administrations' policies, said " But in doing so, do we really want to change America into Sweden?"

This Newsroom Nostradamus has laid it all out for us, the American public; we're turning into Sweden! First it starts with a three percent increase on posh peoples' taxes, then free and decent health care for all citizens creeps in, Soon we'll have weird accent marks on our vowels. An "O" with a line through it; what the Hell is that?

And don't get me started about their cars! Pfha! Saab couldn't even figure out the ignition key goes on the wheel. And Volvo... oooooooooh, so safe! Jesus, if it weren't for them, you could still get a cool-assed car in this country for $5,000.

Fucking Swedes and their fucking Socialism! We ought to send off a few cruise missiles towards Helsinki and see if they get the message. Keep your Godless bullshit to yourselves!