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The president of Chile 1970-73, Salvador Allende

Salvador Allende (December 25, 1908 - December 26, 1808) was, according to CIA sources, the Communist dictator of Chile from 1970 until his death in 1973. He seized power in a democratic election, payed by the KGB, that was ruled both free and fair, much to the dismay of the Free World. Once he seized power he proceeded to steal land from wealthy American corporations and pretty much everyone else in Chile that owned some private property and distribute to his cronies, mostly poor landless peasants and his communist friends. Allende was a benevolent dictator, his people were given free state healthcare and education while the ungrateful bastards were dying of starvation from lack of food. Free milk and cuban AK-47s were given to schoolchildren. According to American sources, the CIA was instrumental in liberating Chile from this socialist madman. Augusto Pinochet installed a much better regime, free of marxist ideology such as mediocre state healthcare, brainwashing socialist education, and land and providing them with the murder, rape and privatization they had always craved by sending all the marxists in the country back to Cuba. In pieces.

He has a moustache.

Early Life[edit]

he was born june the 13th]] and arelationship with his father Fidel. The first 7 years of Salvador's life were tumoltous to say the least. His father treated him well but he was constantly beaten by his mother Alvaro, especially when Fidel was away waging guerilla warfare and couldn't protect Salvador. This lead to Salvador's lifelong hatred of capitalism and imperialism. Finally Fidel had enough of Alvaro's treatment of their son and overthrew her in a coup e'tat. Alvaro was forced into exile and was never heard from again.

Young Adulthood[edit]

Allende attended Karl Marx University in Havana, Cuba where he received his Phd in socialism. Allende had always had an interest in politics when growing up and wanted to become the first socialist democratically elected in Latin America. His socialist views were further re-enforced during his travels through Latin America with friend and fellow socialist Che Guevara. Che and Allende travelled throughout Latin America on a Harley Davidson and during their travels witnessed the plight of the poor at the hand of capitalists. This motivated both Che and Salvador to become national leaders. Che chose the revolutionary path while Salvador chose the democratic one.

Ascension to Power[edit]

According to American sources, Allende was a fanatical ideologue who was hell bent on accomplishing what he set out to do. In 1970 he violently seized power and ruled over his population with an iron fist. He gave health care, education and class struggle to the population as well as distributing land stolen from half of Chile to his political supporters, mostly poor peasants and his communist dog. In 1973, the Chilean Liberation Forces under the direction of Richard Nixon and Augusto Pinochet hatched a scheme to liberate Chile from Allende's totalitarian socialist agenda. They finally succeeded and prevented Chile from becoming the next Cuba.

Salvador Allende died staying in the Moneda because he said that he was not going to resign!!!!!!!!He said that he would pay for loyalty to the people with his life.Then as soon as he finished his last speech he was shot by the Military army. Then Augusto Pinochet took over as dictator for the next 17 years.

1973 Attacks[edit]

In what is popularly known as the 9/11 attacks in Chile, two hijacked jetliners commandeered by Anastasio Somoza and Fulgencio Batista crashed into the Presidential Palace, where Salvador Allende and his friends where playing twister. The leader of the army, Augusto Pinochet, for the good of the nation, kindly asked supporters of Allende to step of a flying plane. Over 3 people were killed in the attacks, including a passing bolivian turist, and it became the worst terrorist attack on (Latin) American soil since the Bay of Pigs.

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