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The Phoenix Suns are a radical faction of the National Basketball Association. The team was founded by Trotskyite exiles in 1923 shortly after their expulsion from the Soviet Union by Joseph Stalin. Their current ringleader is the fanatical Robert Sarver. His chief on-court minion is Steve Nash.


Here are the Suns' most famous enemies:

Creation of the Phoenix Suns[edit]

The Phoenix Suns were created in 1923 by scientists during a college experiment. The people that created it were not known, but they were found out. The Phoenix Suns today are now members of the space scientists NASA, and Steve Nash moved to Baltimore when he was accused of nearly assassinating then president Escape Key. Steve Nash went to jail and then the Scientists took over.

How are the Phoenix Suns doing this year in 2006-07?[edit]

Not very well, they went 21-61 after a very well-done season. The scientists went from a near flawless season to an awful season, because of the Nike Revolution of 2006. Some say that General John Elway is to blame. But guess what about the season of theirs in 2016-17? Nobody cares.

Famous Phoenix Suns[edit]