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The behaviors shown in this game are very educational ...

This article is based on the Inciclopedia text Bully (videojuego), made freely available to Spanish-speaking womanisers from Europe and greasy latinos.

Bully or Canis Canem Edit is a video game created by the well-known Rockstar Games. In him we transformed into a pubert named Jimmy Hopkins, a kid that his mother never paid attention to, so he chose the path of being delinquent, but finally he sent him to a boarding school called Academia Bullworth, from then on he went through the corridors of the school doing things that, of course, we all dream of doing in school. Like for example, go around giving blows to the thugs themselves, have girlfriends or act as the "popular" school ...


The story begins when Jimmy Hopkins, a young criminal arrives at the elite Bullworth where his mother leaves him to go with his lover to make a little brother to Jimmy. After the director starts to criticize him since he has been expelled from countless schools (It is seen that Jimmy wanted to imitate his idol Holden Cauldfield) and at the same time take the opportunity to tell him that Bullworth is a place wonderful place of friendship and companionship ... provided that on leaving the office some bullies wait for Jimmy to welcome him. But Jimmy is shaved and lives up to his bald status and gives them a lot of kick on the ball like Vin Diesel. In the boy´s room the first (and only) who will go to greet him will be a certain Gary Smith, a professional psychopath with certain deviations and his pet Pete Kowalski. Jimmy has already earned a reputation as a bully-kicker, which is why the geek s of the Academy will demand his services (Not that type of services, malpensed)

After a few kicks in the balls, Halloween arrives, and while Jimmy is dressed in the tacky skeleton suit that comes out in Karate Kid and Petey is disguised as a pink bunny (One theory states that it is Donnie Darko) is presented the perfect opportunity for a psycopath like Gary to show his serious psychiatric problems. However instead of stabbing someone or burning Bullworth, what he does is steal a dog shit and set it on fire in the staff room in an act of clear murderous wickedness. Once overcome the terrible hangover after the bottle of Halloween, Jimmy comes up with the brilliant idea of ​​accompanying Gary to a surprise. However the two end up stuck in The Fight Club where Gary begins to say he's going to conquer the school, to dominate the world... We'll finally have to fight against Russell, a mistake of nature and leader of the bullies, because Gary has told him that we compare his mother with Hulk or something like that. Anyway, we'll let Russell see little stars while Gary starts to have an evil laugh and tell us that he has released clever cairns than us and he will get away, probably to relieve himself.

Johnny and his friends... They are too virile.

After the fight, Jimmy becomes the new romantic interest of the preppies who invite him to join their ridiculous club. Jimmy buys the most expensive clothes that exist (Poor Jimmy had no money and had to do dishonorable work to earn it) in addition to a new haircut thanks to magic scissors that make your hair grow beautifully. And now when it seems that they are going to make friends, Gary appears and starts telling stories of his: That if Jimmy said this, that if Jimmy said the other ... Now preppies want to kill us. Also Jimmy, as a perverted teenager that he is, has sexual desires with the insufferable cousin (Insufrible but sensual) of Derby Harrington, leader of the posh. Then Petey, who is the only character with an IQ higher than five, suggests to Jimmy the wonderful idea of ​​going to the club of the posh to eat cakes with everyone (Remember, the solution to all the problems is to eat cakes, at least according to this game). After giving a kick on the balls to Biff Taylor, a homunculus and sex slave bodyguard Derby, appears that as he is even braver than Gary, sends his friends to hit us while he stays at the bar. Later we will do the world a favor by leaving him lying on the ground.

During all this time, Jimmy has also helped some of Bullworth's most ridiculous characters such as Mr. Galloway, an exemplary language teacher who spends entire classes drinking what he says is tea; Edna, a friendly cook who respects all sanitary norms; or Mr. Burton, a gym teacher who will send us to pick up students' panties .

After defeating the preppies, Jimmy joins his enemies: the greasers, a bunch of moronic rebels who believe they are in the 50s. Their leader Johnny Vicent gives Jimmy the mission to spy on his girlfriend Lola Lombardi because he's probably cheating on you with the preppies. Then, Jimmy discovers that Lola is a slut that loves everyone, even the fat and ugly nerd Algie. Jimmy decides that he will also seduce her even if it's just to make Johnny angrier. And so after a bicycle race, Jimmy gets it and ends up having a great fight in which kicks on the balls are distributed everywhere. Jimmy and Johnny end up fighting in the dump while Rockabilly sounds. After giving him his due, Jimmy tells him to stay with Lola, that he has more important things to do

Jimmy now gets upset with Bullworth's jocks because they get into Pete and also insinuate he and Jimmy who are boyfriends what horrifies him (Petey on the other hand does not care too much ...) so he goes to the abandoned observatory where they meet the Nerds and tries to convince Earnest Jones, the leader of the marginalized, to help him get revenge on the jocks. But Earnest is another megalomaniac who wants to dominate the school so he receives Jimmy with a potato-thrower but after what is probably the most pathetic fight of the whole game, he convinces him. However, Earnest's plans are not that they are very good. They consist of spying on the head of cheerleaders Mandy Wiles and taking pictures in the shower so that Earnest can analyze them later. This cause a war between the Football team and the nerds in which Jimmy will have to use the Potato thrower to lower the testosterone of the jocks (Shoting them in the crotch). Meanwhile, Gallaway is moved to the asylum due to his excessive taste for beer and Jimmy, as a bloody messenger has to rescue him. Now Earnest has another plan, more stupid than the previous one (Although on the other hand, less perverted) that consists of robbing Bullworth's ridiculous mascot his suit to sabotage the football game that is going to be played, and when the nerds talk of sabotaging the game refer to piss in the Red Bull of the team. Jimmy makes the plan successfully the plan, as disgusting as it may be, and incidentally writes on the score Jocks play with their balls what angers the jocks even more. Jimmy ends up slapping the entire team with explosive balls and finally ends up leaving Ted Thompson, team leader, whining in the field.

Now Jimmy has become the king of the school and everyone has stopped hating him to become their friends . Everyone except Gary, although that does not seem to matter to Jimmy, since he has stopped being a young vandal to become the typical average teenager who only cares about flirting. As Jimmy is an independent person and not at all influential he goes to make a graffiti to the town hall in order to please his friends . But when he returns Petey tells him that Gary, as a master of the conspiracy that he is, has turned everyone against he. Jimmy is not the king now he has become the human-shit of the beginning of the game. From that moment on strange events begin to happen at Bullworth such as an invasion of rats in the library, the theft of the trophies of the preps or the fire of the gymnasium. Mysteriously Jimmy was accused of all disasters so he decides to investigate and discovers that the culprits are the towniess: a group of punks with clear signs of pyromania hired by Gary to do evil things. Johnny ends up in the insane asylum and as Jimmy hooks up with Lola he has to save him even though doing so releases many bloodthirsty psychopaths.

Jimmy meets Zoe, a girl that was expelled from Bullworth when she complained that Mr. Burton looked at her in a somewhat strange way. Together they plan a sophisticated revenge that basically consists of locking Burton in a portable loading dock in the park and throwing him downhill inside. After this Jimmy returns to Bullworth where he discovers that he has been expelled because someone took pictures of him doing graffiti at the town hall. Jimmy meets with Russell and together they are going to kick the balls in the chemical plant of the punkies. Russell makes a kamikaze attack against the door and runs away because the police want to arrest him. Jimmy, who is very brave, abandons Russell and enters the lair of the townies with the help of Zoe.

In a final act of mental alienation, Gary takes control of Bullworth and decides to make everyone fight with everyone (even the fat Algie ends up hitting people). That's why Jimmy, Russell and Edgar have to do what they do best: Kicks on the balls. And so Derby, Johnny, Ted and Earnest (Who now believes Rambo and has nailed the head of the team mascot in the style of The Lord of the Flies) collect again. Now it is the turn of Gary who demonstrates his bravery by fleeing over the rooftops until he insults Jimmy's mother both end up playing Street Fighter in real life as they fall down scaffolding. In the end Gary ends up unconscious on the floor but instead of calling an ambulance, Jimmy and Crabblesnitch start chatting that in the end Jimmy is not as idiot as he thought and that nevertheless Gary is a moron and is expelled even if he is dead .


Jimmy also became terrorist. Look at these bombs
  • 'Jimmy Hopkins' : The main character of the game, is a teenager of 15 years (And the son of Vin Diesel too). Because he read Catcher in the Rye ', Jimmy tried to emulate his protagonist being expelled from even more schools so he arrives at a new psychiatric center called Bullwoth where everybody hates everybody.
  • 'Gary Smith' : He is a young homosexual of 17 years and the main antagonist of the game. However, this young man suffers ADHD but as he believes very well he can not control himself and he takes his pills and develops a serious Megalomania wanting to be Bullworth's emperor and so on. At first he seems to like Jimmy a lot, but his grave Paranoia (as well as the jealousy that remained Jimmy got along very well with Pete) makes the end of the first chapter, the relationship between them ends when Gary leads to a Friendly meeting with your good friend Russell.
  • 'Petey Kowalski' : It's the only way unless Jimmy though he thinks that something else with him ... He's another 15-year-old teenager, but he acts like 7.
  • 'Derby Harrington' : He is the leader of the preppies, and is the typical snob prep with some more than remarkable problems of androgyny, the result of extreme inbreeding within his family. It is also discovered that he hates the poor people and the Democratic Party.
  • 'Johnny Vincent' : The leader of the Greasers. This asshole thinks he's in "Grease" for what he smokes, he has a 50s style in addition to acting as the "male" he will never be. He has serious anger problems, which is why we will have to take her out of the insane asylum in Chapter 5. She is prone to having whores as a girlfriend.
  • 'Earnest Jones' : Do you remember Zero, the unbearable nerd of San Andreas? Well, this moron is his son. Typical Frustrated Sex who has fetishes with the leader of the cheerleaders Mandy Wales as well as faping reading the Playboy. In addition Earnest suffers a serious Megalomania result to see too many films of Star Wars and to be believed Darth Vader.
  • 'Ted Thompson' : He is the leader of the athletes. He's a fool who thinks he's very tough just for playing Bullworth's team and being the captain of that shitty team.
  • 'Edgar Munsen' : He is the leader of the townies. He is a social outcast who could not go to the academy because his parents are poor. Edgar helps Jimmy after he gives him a few kicks on the balls to calm everyone down at school because everyone (even the nerd s) wants a fight. He was with Jimmy the protagonist of a epic struggle with tubes inside a chemical plant that Edagr used to create Pills of Happiness.
  • 'Zoe Taylor:' Definitive Jimmy's girlfriend. It's a punk that loves to smash luxury items and throw teachers down the hill in a portable toilet.
  • 'Lola Lombardi:' Although she is Johnny's girlfriend, this girl is quite popular among the other guys and on the internet forums for unknown reasons.
  • 'Pinky Gautlier:' Cousin and girlfriendof Derby Harrington and Jimmy (Only girlfriend) for another two minutes. As for the character we leave in that she has a somewhat special personality.
  • 'Mandy Wiles:' Chief of cheerleaders and professional cool girl. Objective of Earnest's sexual perversions although when asked, Earnest said he was only interested because he thought his name was Mandy Wales and that this was why he had to be the daughter of his idol Jimbo Wales.
  • 'Constantinos Braukus:' Kleptomaniac Greek who feels very proud that everyone is bullying him when he plays the school mascot. According to Mr. Burton, "hitting the pet is fun but it is not allowed." Probably the character that most hosts has been taken by Jimmy either as Constantine or as a mascot.


Bully takes place in Bullworth, a beautiful town in New England where the famous Bullworth Academy is located. The main neighborhoods of the <disgusting </ of> town are:

  • 'Bullworth Town:' Main area of ​​the town with a clock tower that stopped at the same time as Back to the future. Other points of interest are a comic shop where the geeks meet to conspire and create plans for Dominate the World, a Sex-Shop (which unfortunately can not be visited because of the prudish of the ESRB) or an alley full of s psychotic KILLER Homeless nerds
  • 'Old Bullworth Vale:' Rich area of ​​the city with mansions, gardens and even a beach. Place frequented by Preps and the best place to do vandalism. There is also a grumpy elderly home or an cemetery that you can use if you want to scare people at night wearing a mask of Bill Clinton
  • 'New Coventry:' The Bronx of Bullworth full of decadent buildings full of graffiti, greasy pimp and punk. It is not advisable to go at night, nor during the day.
  • 'Industrial Park Blue Skies:' The industrial zone. Full of caravans where the punkis and rednecks live, a slaughterhouse, a chemical plant where the townies make the crack and a small harbor full of Popeye s and smelly sailors.
  • 'Asylum Happy Volts' The asylum is a beautiful place full of psychopaths, fanboys of PewDiePie and other deranged. Try to enter and in five seconds the guards will put an ultra strong anesthesia in your neck. but at least it's a cheap way to register and hallucinate