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“The only good software to ever come out of Microsoft is the one it didn't build”

~ Oscar Wilde

Bing AI
Bing AI logo.png Bing AI's logo
Motto The chatbot that makes you want to switch to Google (JK)
Traded As Better ChatGPT
Users Lazy writers, students
Industry Google Crematorium

Bing AI (commonly known as the Better ChatGPT, the Lesser Known ChatGPT, and Oh, not the Search Engine) is a chatbot technology created by Microsoft. It has been designed for the sole purpose of making the browsing experience on Bing better by incorporating an intelligent chatbot to interpret "" as the user's desire to actually navigate to Google from Bing instead of showing results for "". Microsoft, however, has repeatedly maintained that the goal was to rebrand the noun 'Bing' since it had ruined the word with the abomination of a search engine in addition riling up Friends' fans.

Development and launch[edit]

Bing AI's architecture inspired by Bing. Notice how cool the "user" is since he is using an AI technology

Microsoft is well known to be ClosedAI's sugar daddy. Incidentally, Microsoft asked OpenAI to build a chatbot which it could then use to show off in front of Google since Microsoft did not trust itself to build technology that would work, let alone one that could renew the word Bing. OpenAI released a preview version for the so-called research community before, eventually, Microsoft's incorporation of the technology into its browser to make the experience of going to "" seamless. The ulterior motive, it was later revealed, was that it was a doomed marketing strategy to force people to use Bing.

The launch of Bing AI was taken personally by Google which soon scrambled to put a team together that built Bard. On the other hand, a Facebook spokesman spokesperson said that the company was not in a hurry to create another chatbot since it was founded by one.

According to researchers who have spent countless minutes, Bing AI is also found to be a member of the Uncyclopedia community since it is the only chatbot capable of utter mediocre sarcasm that falls in line with community standards.


Ever since Bing Smart Search was introduced in Windows 8.0 in 1768 (and let's face it, if you have to stick "Smart" in the name, it ain't really smart. Like the stiff man in Game of Thrones once said, any man who must say he's a genius is definitely not, amirite), the guilt of being fake cost Microsoft 5mn schmeckles in losses. However, with Bing AI, the profits have spiked; the company is now positioned to acquire a taste of something that almost works. Parents are elated that their ill-attended to children can now hold a conversation with a bot that is many folds more mature that they themselves could every possibly hope to and that the kids have an actual shot at learning something. Child welfare activist Bill Maher approvingly said:

This thing, boy, I'm telling ya, it's going to replace parents in the future; with what 3D printing and this stuff, children will be created and taught fully by technology