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This gentleman would like to warn you that you've got just enough time to read all the British articles from the Top 10 list. He cannot promise to hold for any longer.

These are the Top 10 Articles of 2013.

1. Monopoly (Game)
2. History of Great Britain
3. Declaration of Gin-Dependence
4. Berlin Wall
4. Nillion
4. Worcestershire sauce
7. Modus ponens
7. Nelson Mandela
7. Neptune
7. Platinum
7. Question Authority
7. UnBooks:The Second Conquest of the Moon
7. UnScripts:I had that Archduke in the back of my cab once

We would have liked to list the honorable mentions below, but considering that there are at least ten more of them and we have already exceeded our Top Ten limit by 0.3(3)%, we found it a better option to stimulate the reader's imagination.