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The HAPPY MONKEY COMPETITION (usually announced in caps lock) is a 48 hour rush to create a mind blowing article that shows everyone how super amazing you are at being better than everyone else (previous competitions have been 36 hours or even an adrenaline pumping 24 hours). Winning by even .5 points makes you better than everyone else put together, makes you so cool that you will regret having won; not only will you never feel that good again but everyone will hate you and sabotage your work thereafter. The scoring system is complicated, the topic distribution is random and unfair and the judging is rigged. Naturally, the kids love it. Shabidoo, who organised the last effort, has no clue what he is doing. It is confusing but mandatory tournament where people who don't participate are seen as subhuman pariahs.


Entrants have 48 hours (other competitions 24 or 36 hours) to write any kind of article based on a topic assigned moments before it starts.


Judging changes each year. In some competitions each judge awards a score out of ten or some judges may write a pee review and score out of 50. The player with the most points in total wins. In the case of a tie, some random sheep farmer from Pakistan will be invited to make the final decision.

How did Happymonkey come up with the idea?[edit]

I was sitting around one day and said "I should make a competition". So I made the competition. --Happymonkey39 LAZAR.gifWeegeeheadbobin.gifDomo kun dance1.gif Dah Meme Master

This was not how it happened. I stole his cookies, he challenged me to a writing contest, I said "Sure" and made the rule that we would give each other a topic, he agreed, the time came to write, and he ran away like a little girl monkey. Ha! True story. But then we did it again and invited more people, and thus HappyMonkey was born. Ha! Aleister 1:26 4-6-14


June 14-16


Previous Competitions[edit]



More details on the forum and the scoring.

2012HappyMonkey1st.jpg Aleister writing Homophones (grammar)

2012HappyMonkey2nd.jpg I came here in a Cloche writing High school football players of Indian descent

2012HappyMonkey3rd.jpg Xamralco writing The journey of the ugly kitten

Honourable mention: EpicAwesomeness with Function (mathematics), Zombiebaron with Pigeon Rats and Magic man with Mariachi Band.

Judges: Wilytank * Joe9320 * Mattsnow * ChiefjusticeDS * PopGoesTheWeasel *Shabidoo

Winter 2011[edit]


1sthmw2010.jpg Thekillerfroggy writing Rapto-velocity

2ndhmw2010.jpg Mrthejazz writing GIANT NOVELTY FOAM HANDS!!!

3rdhmw2010.jpg Aleister writing Viking Metal

Honourable mention: Fishalishalish with Great Barrier Reef

Full Results

Judgehmw2010.jpg Wilytank * Fudgemobile * Meganew * Magic man * Shabidoo

Summer 2010[edit]



HappyMonkeyWinner.pngHappyMonkeyRunnerUp.png HappyMonkeyThird.png

Aleister writing Tombstone

Lyrithya writing Pursuit of Happiness

MsuCarencro writing Pointy Sticks

Honourable Mentions: User:Lordarcadian writing UnBooks:My Day at the Zoo and Shabidoo writing HowTo:Cast a voodoo death curse using bones from someone you killed (deleted for having {{Little Article}} on it while not being a little article at all, after which Wikia forgot it ever existed in the first place and now it's like one of those "Lost films" people talk about for decades.)

Full Results

HappyMonkeyJudge.png Happy Monkey ' Happytimes