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Cartoon Network launches "Obscene Bugger Farce" UnNews Logo Potato.png

6 February 2007

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Homer Seckque-Elle, the star of Cartoon Network's new animated series, Obscene Bugger Farce

ATLANTA, GA - Turner Broadcasting has decided to launch a new animated cartoon series on Cartoon Network, to be called Obscene Bugger Farce. The title of the new show was inspired by Ted Turner’s slip of the tongue in referring to the network’s series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which made the news recently when the blinking electronic devices that were installed on bridges and subway platforms to promote the series were mistaken as terrorist bombs. Turner, flustered, referred to Aqua Teen Hunger Force as "Obscene Bugger Farce." Cartoon Network’s writers and producers, many of whom are homosexual, were listening. The result of Turner’s gaff is the new series.

Although the details concerning Obscene Bugger Farce are still being developed, insiders claim that it will be “a truly repulsive show that, for this reason, will do well in the ratings, especially since it panders to the lowest common denominator, sex and violence.”

As the show’s title suggests, the main character, an octopus, will be a “bugger,” or sodomite. Tentatively, his name is Homer Seckque-Elle. The plots will hinge on Homer’s attempts to find sexual partners, or catamites, among the population of his undersea home. “Think of it as a gay version of SpongeBob SquarePants,” a tipster at Cartoon Network told Unnews’ reporter, Lotta Lies.

The leading lady, as it were, is a coral reef named Vi Russ who, living in the otherwise all-male environment, seeks to lure a companion from among the male characters, all of whom, like Homer, are gay. In her desperation, she uses any ruse she can think of, and, the anonymous insider said, “Vi has quite a bawdy--and hilarious--imagination. You wouldn’t think a coral reef could be all that sexy, but, somehow Vi manages to pull it off.”

Fortunately for her would-be paramours, Vi, like the Trix cereal rabbit, who is always trying to get a bowl of the fruit-flavored breakfast food, never succeeds, for, as her name suggests, she is infected with a venereal disease.

The series will be the first animated cartoon show to show male-male kissing involving maritime animals. Reportedly, Homer is “quite a kisser,” as a sea turtle, an electric eel, and a starfish that looks suspiciously like SpongeBob SquarePants’ alleged paramour, Patrick, discover, to their undying chagrin.

Sperm characters "borrowed" from a video game will also appear on Obscene Bugger Farce

Several of the characters resemble human sperm because a video game for adults, Catch the Sperm, which promotes safer sex, was created by the Swedish government at taxpayer expense and its characters are in the public domain. Since they were free to use, Cartoon Network’s executives decided to use them. “Why create characters when suitable ones are already there?” Unnews’ tipster asked.

The show will include a parental advisory “to hook the kids.”

Apprised of the show, Walt Disney Studio spokeswoman, Minnie Mouse, reminded parents that “Cartoon Network’s not Disney!”

Ted Turner will be cited in the show’s credits as its creator, since it was his mangling of the title of Aqua Teenage Hunger Force that inspired the show. Privately, Turner is said to be “less than pleased” at being named the creator of such a farce.