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Blue check.svg This page is considered a policy on Uncyclopedia.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow, unless they don't want to, in which case they are free to ignore it so long as they're not being a dick. Please make use of the standing on one knee position to propose to this policy.

This page serves as a simple quick-to-look-at way of finding out what rank you are and what badges you deserve. For a more complex, yet complete list, see the Order of Uncyclopedia page. The whole system was originally thought up by Sir Elvis KUN, and pretty much everything here is based on how he did it.

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Rank Number Rank Name Gender Requirement Pre-Nominal Post-Nominal Template
1 Knight Grand Cross Male Is Writer of the Month, Writer of the Year or Uncyclopedian of the Year Sir GUN {{GUN}}
1 Dame Grand Cross Female Is Writer of the Month, Writer of the Year or Uncyclopedian of the Year Dame GUN {{GUN}}
2 Knight Commander Male Is Uncyclopedian of the Month, wins the Feather in Your Cap Award, or wins the Mega Deletion Award or Foolitzer Prize Sir KUN {{KUN}}
2 Dame Commander Female Is Uncyclopedian of the Month, wins the Feather in Your Cap Award, or wins the Mega Deletion Award or Foolitzer Prize Dame DUN {{DUN}}
3 Commander Male Is Noob of the Month, is the writer of a Featured Article, is the artist of a Featured Image or is the winner of the Emmanuel Goldstein Award of Excellence in the Distribution of Misinformation Sir CUN {{CUN}}
3 Commander Female Is Noob of the Month, is the writer of a Featured Article, is the artist of a Featured Image or is the winner of the Emmanuel Goldstein Award of Excellence in the Distribution of Misinformation Dame CUN {{CUN}}
4 Officer n/a Is an Admin none OUN {{OUN}}
4 Retired Officer n/a Is a retired Admin none OUN ret. {{OUN ret}}
5 Member n/a Is a registered member none MUN {{MUN}}

Note: The above templates should be placed at the top of your user page

Grue Army[edit]

Template Effect Comments
Rank 1stLT
(Used on)
Rank 2ndLT
(Used on)
Rank 2nd Lt US Army
(Used on)
Rank AR
(Used on)
Rank Brig
(Used on)
Rank BrigGen
(Used on)
(Used on)
Rank COL
(Used on)
Rank Col
(Used on)
Rank FM
(Used on)
Rank Gen
(Used on)
Rank GenAR
(Used on)
Rank GenGen
(Used on)
Rank Lt-Col
(Used on)
Rank Lt-Gen
(Used on)
Rank LtCol
(Used on)
Rank LtGen
(Used on)
Rank MJ
(Used on)
Rank Maj-Gen
(Used on)
Rank MajGen
(Used on)
Rank OD
(Used on)


Template Effect Comments
Captain US Army
(Used on)
(Used on)

UnParliament Membership[edit]

Registered? Admin? Retired? House Notes Pre-Nominal Post-nominal Signature
Yes No No House of UnCommons Orindinary UmP (Member of UnParliament) none UmP [[UnParliament_of_Uncyclopedia|UmP]]
Yes Yes No House of UnCommons Privy Counsellor and UmP (Member of UnParliament) The Right Honourable UmP [[Privy_Council_of_Uncyclopedia|The Right Honourable]] John Doe [[UnParliament_of_Uncyclopedia|UmP]]
Yes No Yes House of UnLords An appropriate peerage Varies see Styles of Address None Varies
Yes Yes Yes House of UnLords An appropriate peerage and Privy Counsellor Varies see Styles of Address PC [[Privy_Council_of_Uncyclopedia|PC]]
No No No Great Unwashed IP Masses IP User and thus beneath contempt none none none

Badges, medals, and awards[edit]

Rank Number Badge Requirement Pre-Nominal Post-nominal Signature Usage
6 Uncyclopedian of the Year Badge Is Uncyclopedian of the Year none UotY [[Uncyclopedia:Uncyclopedian of the Year|UotY]] {{UOTY|Year=(year)}}
6-A Writer of the Year Badge Is Writer of the Year none UotY [[Uncyclopedia:Writer of the Year|UotY]] {{UOTY|Year=(year)}}
7 Writer Of The Month Badge Is Writer of the Month none WotM [[Uncyclopedia:Writer of the Month|WotM]] {{WOTM|Month=(month)|Year=(year)}}
8 Foolitzer Prize Badge Is UnNews journalist of the Month none FP [[Uncyclopedia:Foolitzer Prize|FP]] {{FPrize|Month=(month)|Year=(year)}}
9 Emmanuel Goldstein Award Is UnNews narrator of the Month none MI Retired in March 2012 out of general annoyance that one Uncyclopedian was winning it every month
10 Cub Scout Uncyclopedia Proficiency Badge Is Uncyclopedian of the Month none UotM [[Uncyclopedia:Uncyclopedian of the Month|UotM]] {{UOTM|Month=(month)|Year=(year)}}
11 Noob of the Month Is Noob of the Month none NotM [[Uncyclopedia:Noob of the Month|NotM]] {{NOTM|Month=(month)|Year=(year)}}
12 Feather in Your Cap Award Does something exceptional for Uncyclopedia none FIC [[Template:FIYC|FIC]] {{FIYC}}
13 Mega Deletion Award Deletes a lot of articles in a short time period (Admin only) none MDA [[Template:Deletion Award|MDA]] {{Deletion Award}}
14 Hall-of-Famer Wields the Ban Stick like a Jedi on PCP (Admin only) none HoF [[Template:Hall-of-Famer|HoF]] {{Hall-of-Famer}}
15 Featured Article Creates a Featured Article none VFH [[Uncyclopedia:VFH|VFH]] {{FH|Article=(article name)}}
16 Featured Image Creates a Featured Image none VFP [[Uncyclopedia:VFP|VFP]] {{FP|Image=(image name without proceeding "File:" part)}}
17 Helper of a Featured Article Someone who helped edit a featured article none none [[File:Pot_ato.png]] {{FA Helper}}
18 Creator of a Requested Article Creates a Requested Article none none none {{Reqaward|Article Name}}
19 Badge of Members of the Order of Uncyclopedia Becomes a member of Uncyclopedia none none none {{MOOU}}
20 The Burninator! Removes or assists in the removal of a lot of crap none Bur. [[Template:Burninator|Bur.]] {{Burninator}}
21 Alien Burninator! Similar to The Burninator! except is it for when an invasion of idiots create a lot of QVFDable articles in a small period of time, and the user awarded this award is a major component in the cleanup. none AlBur. [[Template:Alien Burninator|AlBur.]] {{Alien Burninator}}
22 Squeegee Warrior Is an excellent cleaner-upper none Sq.W [[Template:Squeegeewarrior|Sq.W]] {{Squeegeewarrior}}
23 Purple Spleen Cleans up Uncyclopedia, one article at a time (tedious cleaner upper, eg. categorizing, moving to undictionary, NOT deletions) none PS [[Template:Purplespleen|PS]] {{Purplespleen}}
24 Supergrass Frequently reports vandals to Ban Patrol or vandalism to QVFD none SG [[Template:Supergrass|SG]] {{Supergrass}}
25 Cookie Award Does something clever or funny (named for Cookie Monster) none CM [[Template:Cookie|CM]] {{Cookie|name=(awarder)}}
26 Her Majesty's Royal Flying Rat's Ass Medal Unknown none HMRFRA [[Template:HMRFRA|HMRFRA]] {{HMRFRA}}
27 Useless Gobshite of the Month Is Useless Gobshite of the Month none UGM [[Uncyclopedia:Useless Gobshite of the Month|UGM]] {{GOTM}}


Ninjastar Purpose Usage
Original Ninjastar To reward anything cool {{Ninjastar|Ninjastar.png|Original Ninjastar|reason for award|your username}}
Ninjastar is Stuck to my Hand To reward helping spread ninjastars {{Ninjastar|StuckNinjastar.png|Ninjastar is Stuck to my Hand|reason for award|your username}}
Brown Ninjastarfish To reward dealing with asshats {{Ninjastar|Ninjastarfish.jpg|Brown Ninjastarfish|reason for award|your username}}
NinjaSe.cx To reward abominably distasteful, but wildly humorous content {{Ninjastar|NinjastarSe.cx.png|NinjaSe.cx|reason for award|your username}}
MSPaint Ninjastar To reward particularly good image contributions {{Ninjastar|Ninjashop.png|MSPaint Ninjastar|reason for award|your username}}
Pocketful of Ninjastars To reward lots of useful contributions to a single page {{Ninjastar|Pocketful.jpg|Pocketful of Ninjastars|reason for award|your username}}
Clinjastar To reward cool clown and clinja related content {{Clinjastar|Clinjastar.png|Clinjastar|reason for award|your username}}
Ninjewstar To reward Jew or Nazi related content {{Ninjastar|Ninjewstar.png|Ninjewstar|reason for award|your username}}
Ninjastarrr To reward ninja or ninja pirate related content {{Ninjastar|Nijapiratestarrr.png|Ninjastarrr|reason for award|your username}}
The Uncyc Nail Bat To reward helping n00bs {{Ninjastar|Nailbat.png|The Uncyc Nail Bat|reason for award|your username}}
Ninjastar on Wheels To award hardworking vandal cleaner-upper-afterers {{Ninjastar|Ninjaspinnermedal.gif|Ninjastar on Wheels|reason for award|your username}}

More information and examples can be found on the Ninjastars page.

Note: Regardless of how many different Ninjastars you are awarded, you may only add the post-nominal NS to your signature (the "and Bar" rules below apply).

Other Non-Award Post-nominal[edit]


If you join the Uncyclopedia Folding@home team, you can attach the post-nominal [[Uncyclopedia:Folding@home|F@H]] to your signature, and you may also use the template {{F@HUser}} on your user page.

If you want a newer F@H Userbox then use {{F@HUserbox}}


Uncyclopedia:Admin Rank is the new home for administrative ranking. The prefixes go before the Sir and Dame. +S, +B and the like are deprecated. This helps others see how cool, sexy, cute, helpful, attractive you are, and they want to become Admins themselves!

Multiple wins of same award[edit]

Being awarded the Writer Of The Month Badge, Featured Article, Featured Image and Cookie Award more than once is designated by a bar worn on the suspension ribbon of the original decoration and this is thus known as a "Post-Nominal and Bar".


If someone gets one featured image, their signature may include


If someone gets two featured images, their signature may include

[[Uncyclopedia:VFP|VFP and Bar]]

If the user has three or more postfixes in his signature, any of the and Bars may be removed and the award can be overlined instead.

[[Uncyclopedia:VFP|<span style="text-decoration: overline; font-size: 80%;">VFP</span>]]

Minor Awards[edit]

If a user creates an award for the fun of it, but it really isn't appropriate for a general Uncyclopedian award (it's just for fun, and not really rank-defining) it may be appended to the end of your signature in the same way as other awards, except in italic text and size "80%" font. This is achieved by wrapping all minor awards in "''".

[[User:(name)|(prefix) (name)]] <small>[[Order_of_Uncyclopedia#(anchor two specific order)|(postfix)]]
<span style="font-size: 80%;">''[[Template:Some minor award|MA]]''</span></small>

Minor awards should go in alphabetical order, and they may also be "and Bar"ed as necessary.

Note: New vanity awards (awards which reference the creator or can only be given by the creator) may be deleted or moved to user's namespace (Carlos, Cheeseboi, and Sophia are grandfathered in). New awards should usually be voted on in Uncyclopedia:Vote for awards, decorations and honours.
Award Creator of Award Reason Given Post-nominal Signature Usage
Cheeseboi Satisfaction Award Cheeseboi Cheeseboi is happy with you CS [[Template:Cheesysatisfaction|CS]] {{Cheesysatisfaction}}
Carlos' UncyclopedicNess Trophy Carlos the Mean Somebody does something typically uncylopedic. CUNT [[Template:Carlosunt|CUNT]] {{Carlosunt}}
Bavarian Order of the Spork Marcos Malo Reasons here BOotS [[Bavarian Order of the Spork|BOotS]] none
Spoon and fork club Marcos Malo Reasons here S7fc [[Spoon and fork club|S7fc]] [[File:Spoonforkclublogo.png]]
Sophia Satisfaction Award Sophia Sophia is happy with you unknown [[Spoon and fork club|S7fc]] [[File:Spoonforkclublogo.png]]
Interwiki Foreigner Award Lars863 A non-native-English speaker who does most of his writing on other nonsensepedias. of (name foreigner's pedia, e.g. Hikipedia) [[Template:Foreigner1|Emb-no (abbreviation pedia)]] {{Foreigner1}}
Bad at English Award Lars863 Someone who has problems writing; bad grammar, incorrect presposition use, the whole lot and who has said he needs a bit of help (maybe there should be a category.) enAid! [[Template:Foreigner2|enAid!]] {{Foreigner2}}
WEREHAMSTER AWARD!!! Xiao Li No reason. You are encouraged to give this award to yourself. WH [[Template:Werehamster|WH]] {{Werehamster}}
Yuri von Juan pleasing award Yuri von Juan You have pleased Yuri von Juan and he has informed you via your usertalk page. YvJP [[User:Yuri von Juan/Template:Yuri von Juan|YvJP]] {{User:Yuri von Juan/Template:Yuri von Juan}}
Supuhstar Satisfaction Award Supuhstar Supuhstar is happy with you SsS [[Template:Supuhstarsatisfaction|SsS]] {{Supuhstarsatisfaction}}
Happy Chairman Award OpenFaceSurgery Give it to funny people. HCA [[Template:HCA|HCA]] {{HCA|Username}}

Note: Minor awards can not instate pre-nominals, only post-nominals

See also: Uncyclopedia:Awards for even more minor awards.

Note on Rank and Pre/Post Nominals[edit]

The Rank indicates the order in which the Nominals will be place, for instance User:Sally Bloggs was made writter of the month (rank 7) and thus raised to a Dame Grand Cross of the Order of Uncyclopedia (rank 1), has written two Featured Articles (rank 11) and Awarded a Cookie Award (rank 16) for writting about the Uptown Marshmellow Scandle which made everyone laugh. She would therefore be known as Dame Sally Bloggs GUN WotM VFH and Bar CM or for shorter purposes Dame Sally Bloggs GUN WotM VFH CM.

It should be noted that for ranks one through five you may only have the highest one in your signature. For example, if you were a CUN and raised to a KUN, the KUN replaces the CUN. Also, ranks one through five do not have the and Bar post nominal even if the status is achieved more the once. (For example you do not write CUN and Bar if you wrote a featured article and created a featured image. It is always just CUN.)

Proper Name Template and Signature[edit]

Template:Proper name Usage[edit]

{{Proper name|(name)|(prefix)|(postfix)}}

Template:Proper name Examples[edit]

{{Proper name|CommanderDude||CUN}}
{{Proper name|KnightCommanderMan|Sir|KUN}}

Signature Usage[edit]

[[User:(name)|(prefix) (name)]] <small>[[Order_of_Uncyclopedia#(anchor to specific order)|(postfix)]] (Rest of awards)</small>

Signature Examples[edit]

[[User:CommanderDude|CommanderDude]] <small>[[Order_of_Uncyclopedia#Commander_.28CUN.29|CUN]]</small>
[[User:KnightCommanderMan|Sir KnightCommanderMan]] <small>[[Order_of_Uncyclopedia#Knight_or_Dame_Commander_.28KUN_or_DUN.29|KUN]]</small>

Signature Templates[edit]

As an alternative to placing your signature directly inside the signature box, you may instead make your signature link to a template which can updated later. The benifit is that your signature will never be old if new stuff is added to it, because instead of being "stamped" on, it is simply linked to. Signatures should be stored as a subpage of your userpage, preferable with the /sig or /Signature or other signature-related postfix.


In your nickname (signature) box in Special:Preferences, you would place {{Subst:Nosubst|User:<insert name here>/sig}} to automatically link to it when you sign a post. Be sure to select "Raw signatures".

Valid Anchors

Rank Number Rank Name Anchor
1 Knight or Dame Grand Cross Knight_or_Dame_Grand_Cross_.28GUN.29
2 Knight or Dame Commander Knight_or_Dame_Commander_.28KUN_or_DUN.29
3 Commander Commander_.28CUN.29
4 Officer Officer_.28OUN.29
4 Retired Officer Retired_Officer_.28OUN.29_.28ret..29
5 Member Member_.28MUN.29

NOTE: Make sure you check the Raw signatures box when editing your signature, in your preferences!

User Page Name[edit]

No matter what rank you are, your main User page should be the default User:username (where "username" is replaced with your username). However based on your rank, you may create User pages that include all your rank information in the title, but redirect to your main User page.

Note: Only create these pages for ranks that you have been or are in currently! Do not create pages for all the ranks below, unless you have actually been all those ranks at least once. For example, if you are promoted from MUN to CUN, do not create an OUN page, because you were never an OUN, even if it is right below you on the list.

Rank Number Rank Name Gender Format
1 Knight Grand Cross Male User:Sir name GUN
1 Dame Grand Cross Female User:Dame name GUN
2 Knight Commander Male User:Sir name KUN
2 Dame Commander Female User:Dame name DUN
3 Commander Male User:Sir name CUN
3 Commander Female User:Dame name CUN
4 Officer n/a User:name OUN
4 Retired Officer n/a User:name OUN ret.
5 Member n/a Members can use the default page (User:name), however they may create a User:name MUN page as can people who have become a higher rank, for their purposes (most likely as another redirect).

Where to sew your Badges[edit]

Onto your Uncyclopedia Cub Scout Uniform

Uncyclopedia Cub Scout Uniform.png