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Sexy ladies wanna part wit' meh, cause I be burnin' nacka, burnin' wha' nobody wanna say!
Fo' dem cats dat be burnin' nacka, dem crack-up skillas up in em Wikipedia be burnin' wha' nobody wanna say!

“OH OH!!!”

~ Sean Paul on Sean Paul


~ Sean Paul on Sean Paul

“Sean Paul is an anagram of pale anus.”

~ Bobby Davro on Sean Paul

Sean-da Paul Evablazin Baby-gurl in-a Jamaica jus' gimme da light I be Sean-a Paul! Jus' gimme da light an' a pass a do-o-o-g--oh OH!! Sexy ladies wanna part wit us they on wahh wit us, in-a da club wit us, you gotta me get flakes wit us get next to us get saex wit us! Gonna give it to ya hot like a sauna! OH OH! HUH HUH HUH JUST GIMMIE THE LIGHT ILL MAKE THE HERBS HIT YA'LL CMON NEXT LEXY WOOO YES YES WOOOO YES YES YES YES MIGHTY MIGHT. JUST GIMMEE DA LIGHT! FUK DA CITY GALS IN EVERY SITUATION MAN!


Party naughty hottie shorty!NOTTY! Sean-da Paul just in-a Jamaica wit a sto-begah everytin' so part wit us they in the car wit us, get next wit us. Just gimme da light and a pass a do-o-o-g , oh and a bucky da boll, just look a tie and gonna catch my flow! Sean-a Paul godda right temperature wit a banana, got too-tah-tah-tee wit a sessy bandana in every situation! Sexy ladies wanna part' wit us dey want rawl wit' us, they got boll wit us! Baby girl stay on me' mind wit' ev'ry situation, oh gotta Jamaica on-a on fire! We be burnin' nacka burnin' nah nobody wanna' say, we burnin' dollahs earnin' dollahs on eh pass-a say! In-a da club, they wan' flakes wit' us dey get neax wit' us they want--OH OH!

Years in Poland[edit]

When-a Sean Paul wes' eh baby every situation dey get rawl wit 'um, dey in da car wit 'um, wanna rawl wit 'um;in-a de car get naex wit 'um--POLAND--OH OH!! In-a de car wit a gat-ma flame oh got party lame is-a dismal game--OH OH!! Just gimme da light! Just gimme da light an' a pass da do-o-o-og!! Immediate if not before! Instantaneous! Move-a da car wit a gatma con on party lawn is a bismey-pawn! Twas daer dat he met-a every situation girl with abrasion every banana! Name was ah Sean Paula just like a llama ev'ry situation! Sexy ladiez wanna part wit' us, they want rawl wit us. It's all good just turn me on. Baby girl sexy wit a bagel come-ah da cello every'd situation! Jooo-da bolla oh OH!! Poland was ah-wit a cart wit us, just gimme da light!! Just gimme da' light and-ah pass it on, o' wit' ah' bahcket-o'-bone, juss ah' looky-inside an' ya' know ya' gonna cash my flow! In ah' da' car wit us--OH OH!

Back to Jamaica[edit]

We be burnin' nacka burnin' wha' nobody wanna say, we be burnin' fire (wha?) oll-e pass-a day. Recognisin', pimpin' as we ridin' agin'! We be burning--oh OH!! Wit' da' great King Solomon! Burning Jamaica wit ev'ry situation burinin' da' nacka--move out wit the burnin my motha' ev'ry situation New York to Jamaica! Ev'ry day, we be burnin'--OH OH! Sean Paul in Jamaica wit' ev'ry situation: "I stayed there for six years, but after a while the hustle-and-bustle of city life called back to me and I felt that was my true calling. PUMA! The simple life out in the Jamaican countryside was an inspiring experience, but I'm a club man, you know? Burnin' dat nacka--OH OH!!"

Rise to fame[edit]

Every day, we be burnin' nacka, burnin' what we get our hands up-on! Wat get in da car gets naex wit us den dey get saex wit us they wan' flakes wit' us! Up on in da car wit a gazma flame oh dismal pane! It's all good just turn me on to da' early morn let's get it on. USA---OH OH!! Let's get it on till the early morn, it's all good just turn me on! Baby girl tell me wha's da deal? I know ya' be hollin' ev'ry situation! Soon-as Sean-a paul get busy, don't shake dat booty nah stop when da' beat drop and juss get freakah'! Gone give it up ta me--OH OH!! Shaggy!

Drug scandal[edit]

I tell ya, ev'ry day: we be burnin nacka, burnin nah nobody wanna say, we burnin' dollahs, earnin' dollahs ay-to-pass-a-day! Recognisin', pimpin' as we ridin' agin! AOL---OH OH!! Got-a pass-ah Jamaica, ev'ry situation, New York to Jamaica--OH OH! Baby girl, we be burnin' get in da car and part wit' us up in da' car wit' us! In-a da' club dey wan' flakes wit' us get naex wit' us wan' rakes wit us. Oh Lee git' in da' car an' pass a flame on party-lame is ah' dismal game--it's all good just turn me on! INSTANTANEOUS!

Music (What?)[edit]

Sean-a Paul make all lot music on party-lame wit' abyssmal name. Sexy ladies want part wit' us when ya' get play da Gimme Da Light, repeatin' recognisin' same phrase fo' ten dollahs a bay! "I feel my music is a mix of old-school hip-hop, and new reggae, with some real R&B rhythms in there, too. But I'll decline if ever I exacerbate the set limitations of today's standards for artists like myself. INDIVISIBLE! I do not make any mention of drugs, sex, or this other blatant nonsense my critics speak of. ---Except dat we be burnin nacka!" We be burnin' nacka burnin' wha' nobody wanna' say! Odah' hits from Sean-a Paul we be burnin': We Be Burnin', Sexy Ladies, Get Naex Wit' Us, In Da Car Wit Us, and We Be Burnin Mo Parts 1--6. Is a wondah how I make any situation!!--OH OH!!


  • 2004: Grammy Award- Best Reggae Album (Dutty Rock) OH OH!!
  • 2005: Billboard Music Award - Selling Reggae Artist of the Year OH OH!!
  • 2005: Billboard Music Award - Top Selling Reggae Album of the Year (The Trinity) Sean-a Paul---OH OH!!!

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