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“Smart system! Now law is futile!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Propagandalaw

Propagandalaw intend law, which can lie somewhere affair or not. It try get human support creator of law, but not so that law have it. Propagandalaw have posters, advertisents, pressoccassions, speaks, lies, base propaganda etc. Greatest parties in United States of America existings decepticon party and predacon party was two so great propagandaparties, some try with propaganda, get add new supporters.


Propagandalaw born 1700s. This time George Washington published constitution of United States of America, but it is only propaganda, when it check out after Washington's death. Show up information, that constitution is wrote only for independent from England.

Angry American dug open Washington's grave and sling it to flaming fire, where it change into ash. Ash wrap up to constitution and lob to Bermuda Triangle, somewhere they disappear in forever.

In Sovietlands propagandalaw founded 1839, when Paul von Lenin rise to power. Propaganda is before it official language of Sovietlands, but von Lenin's term of office it toke sizeable bit of culture of Sovietlands after it. Von Lenin killed thousend people at the time of year for propagandalaw and Sovietlands rise to horrobly country of the World year 1840 and other countries scared it so much.

When Aliens visited in Earth 1905, Defenceministery of United States secured to propagandalaw, which hampered he spoke true. Aliens put in planet overly examples and defenceministery exiled to Hell.

1914 when World War I break up, propagandalaw is mighty weapon. For it Germany lost war and Hitler rise to power. Propagandalaw ordered deads amount is lied. So 13 million deads amount shrink to a few deads, which relieved world better, as last.

Hitler rise to power 1933, when propagandalaw helped it, so he was bark communists and democratics. Constitution of Nazism was only propagandalaw. 1939 Hitler's propagandalaw get Poland attack to Germany and World War II break out.

Current time, propagandalaw is same as normal law, but lied. Next lands in down is propagandalaw, but various other lands in also propagandalaw, but other lands is not allowed it.

Propagandalaw in World[edit]

United States of America[edit]

In America propagandalaw give permit lie to people, but so bad, that people unnoticed it. George W. Bush is don't toe it, but is try tell it to people, but everything is don't believe he. Propagandalaw is officially live in America year 1863. Then it accepted Abraham Lincoln. In United States propagandalaw is legend, so it also languagelaw.


In Germany leader of propagandalaw is Propagandaministery. Current Propagandaministery is Gerhard Schröder after year 2005. Propaganda is as life in Germany, because it target of worship after time of of Hitler. Propaganda's blaming is forbidden for menace of death penalty. Propagandalaw been in Germany after year 1933 and death penalty after 1941.


Propagandalaw of Russia is different like two lasts: Propagandalaw is insulting agaist other parties. Vladimir Putin is member of the Propagandaparty and take part in so much, while constitution of Russia say that President don't include to enyone party of Russia. Propagandalaw don't have own ministry in Russia, but for it is comission, which control discipline of Propangalaw.

Finland and Sweden[edit]

Finland and Sweden make the Propaganda with against. Propagandalaw is they two lands is same: only permissible propagandalaw is irony of Finland/Sweden. North War broke up for propaganda, when Conan O'Brien sent letter of abuse for Sweden to King Carl Gustaf XVI.


English Propaganda is permissible only warsituation and only against enemy. In England propaganda try get enemy change to angry and powerless for wage war. British propagandaposters enemy split for knife to Bible (also in USA) or Koran, if enemy is Christian or Islamistic.


French Propagandalaw refuse wearing of propaganda, only at time, when "enemy want it". In French Revolution propaganda is against aristocrats, so they is minions of Satan. At the current time propaganda is good thing in France, because now it is democratic.


At the Mussolini's time in Italy, propaganda was true not lied (all people imagine, that is falsehood), but in 2000s investigators were solved, that is true. Every is don't know, why all suppose this.


“I love it! Now I can kill unlimited amount people!”

~ Spede Pasanen on Propagandalaw

“Propaganda is normal, but Propagandalaw not”

~ Russian reversal on Propagandalaw

“What the place is this, where speak only Propaganda!”

~ Wikipedia on Propagandalaw

“Can you know! This is Uncyclopedia, there speaked other thing, as you!”

~ Uncyclopedia on Wikipedia

“Propaganda is official language of United States of America”

~ George W. Bush on Propagandalaw

“My loved law!”

~ Hitler on Propagandalaw

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