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This article has been created by following the steps outlined in HowTo:Write a Bad Uncyclopedia Article. The title chosen is Loser.

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~ Oscar Wilde on Losers

“In Soviet Russian loser is YOU!!!”

~ Russian Reversal on Losesrs

“George BUSH doesn't care about losers!”

~ Kanye West on Losers

“I pity the fool who is a loser!”

~ Mr. T on Losers

“Blessed are the Losers”

~ Jesus on Looserrs

Waht is a LOSER? You that's wat! HA HA HA! AS loser IS SOMEONE who no one likes. Everyone hates you.

List of people who are loosers[edit]


“I resent that!”

~ Oscar Wilde on BEinG a LOosEr

Why you are a loser[edit]

Look at you you ugly smelly fishfaced ~FOOL. YOu suck. Suck suck SUCK SUCK SUCK. EvereYONE hates you!

?Shuit up. you fucking idiot. NANANANAN!

I bet you wish you were dead. Fuckhead!!!!!!!



Your so UGLY[edit]

I hop you get eaten by a grue. Your face looks like it has allready. You gay gay queer.

Stupid penis fucking SHIT!

List of poople whoo r ugly[edit]

Loser Mountain[edit]

Loser is the name of a mountain in the Ausseerland in Austria which has an elevation of 1,838 metres above sea level.

The mountain is the most prominent landmark of the Ausseerland. Among the locals, it is also known as the Ausseer Ohrwaschl (Aussee Ear) because of its shape. It is possible to almost reach the peak by car by using a toll road of nine km. There is an extensive parking lot in front of the Loser Restaurant at an POO elevation of 1600 m, from where one can embark on various tours. The Augstsee (1643 m POOm/ 250 m x 100 m) is located close to the restaurant and is an attractive target for hikPOOing which can be reached with just a little walking. From there onwards, one can reach the peak by passing the POO Loser-Fenster (Loser Window), a natural rock gate. One of the most important ski resorts of the Ausseerland is located on the Loser and spans about 1000 meters of elevation. During the descent, one POO passes a second gastronomic establishment, the Loserhütte at 1498 m.