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One of the many photographs that Holocaust denial deniers claim to be digitally retouched or "nonexistent".

Holocaust denial denial is the belief that Holocaust Denial does not and has never occurred or at least not to the degree that many believe it to. Holocaust denial deniers suggest that Holocaust denial or "Holohoax denial" is a crock of shit as are its supporters, who they also claim “don't exist".


Holocaust denial denial accepts the commonly accepted idea that the Jews and other minority groups were killed in Nazi concentration camps. Also prominent is the belief that the Nazis tried to cover up the true events and/or redirect blame for their crimes to the victims, creating sympathy for their cause. In addition, beliefs that the Germans had always planned to frame foreign propaganda for their crimes even from before the war is common, but not universal among Holocaust denial deniers. Some renounce the last claim and assert that it was simply a move made when the prospect fortuitously presented itself.

In summation, Holocaust denial deniers generally believe that the Holocaust was orchestrated by the Nazis for the purpose of restricting living space in Germany to only the rightful Aryan race. While the above is important, it only serves to solidify their claims. Their main claims are as follows:

  1. "Holocaust denial" has never happened.
  2. Individuals have never spoken out and suggested the Holocaust to be exaggerated or have never existed entirely.
  3. David Irving and other proponents of Holocaust denial do not exist.


Holocaust denial deniers argue that unlike Holocaust deniers (whom they deny the existence of), there is an abundant amount of evidence to back up their claims. Indeed, many concentration camps have been found throughout Europe since the end of World War II. Conditions at these camps have been found to be completely inhospitable, providing evidence that their purpose was the methodical slaughter of all people held there. Often mass graves have also been excavated near the sites, demonstrating that what took place was a genocide.

Testimonies of Schutzstaffel officers being tried for crimes against humanity for their involvement in the Holocaust ranged from, "Oh, I'd say about six million Jews or so." to, "Yes, we did it." Almost all of them claimed that the accusations were completely true.

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Holocaust denial deniers have also asserted that the lack of prominent articles regarding Holocaust denial is evidence enough that Holocaust denial doesn't exist and is probably a botched hoax of some sorts. The claim that David Irving and other figures who have openly spoken about Holocaust denial "don't exist" is also somehow justified. An informal 2003 report regarding Holocaust negationism from the Open University of Israel stated the following:

...Upon further inspection of 'David Irving's birth certificate', we came to find that in actuality ... it didn't exist. We are thoroughly convinced that no such individual exists, and therefore, has never spoken out against the Holocaust. Not existing can sometimes be a problem when it comes to stating your opinion. For example, if I say, 'Ron Shickelberger was the official commentator for the 1938 Nuremberg Rally' you'll say, 'Who?' Exactly.


Main article: Holocaust denial denial denial

Holocaust denial denial has faced extremely heavy criticism throughout the years from both believers of the Holocaust and Holocaust deniers themselves. Many have claimed that David Irving does in fact exist, though no evidence has been brought forward to substantiate this claim.

It has been extremely difficult for supporters of Holocaust denial to provide evidence that they exist, as do their beliefs. And beyond that, it's difficult to prove that their claims are as widespread as many believe them to be as Holocaust denial deniers don't believe in their beliefs to begin with.

Holocaust deniers have stated that Holocaust denial deniers simply attempt to "ignore" Holocaust denial's ideas and those affiliated with them while subconsciously recognizing them. This however, was proven untrue by Dr. Greenstein of the Open University of Israel, who stated, "Who?" when asked about what he thought regarding Holocaust deniers.

Irving's Theory

David Irving, who has only made brief comments regarding Holocaust denial denial stated that some deny that the denial Holocaust denial deniers deny is actually legitimate denial, and that they are actually attempting reverse psychology through the denial of denying and absurdism. Certainly, the denial of denial is an effect tactic of denial which can solidify initial claims which the denial being denied rose out of, yet they can also harm these claims undeniably. Of course, to Holocaust denial deniers, Irving doesn't exist, so his statements have fallen on deaf ears because nobody understands them.


In response to holocaust denial deniers, a growing movement calling themselves the holocaust denial denial deniers refuse to believe that holocaust denial deniers exist and that although the holocaust did exist, certain aspects of denial in relation to the holocaust, including but not limited to, the denial of it's denial and any other movement with the moniker 'denial' attached to it may not exist, although the choosing of which groups to deny the existence of is somewhat arbitrary according to critics of 'the whole stupid thing', who themselves are facing growing criticism from the 'I'm Confused' movement.

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