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Golden Grahams is a well-known expression in some parts of the United Kingdom, Canada, and Kuwait. Today it is usually associated with garishly packaged breakfast cereal but like Quaker Oats originally had religious connotations.


Golden Grahams is the closest English equivalent to the swahili phrase Hakuna matata Though the exact meaning is unclear, the context in which it is said can help to determine the intended point. It can be roughly understood to mean "live and let live" or "shake the box".

Usage example

“You just scratched my brand new Nissan!”

~ Guy in the street

“Golden Grahams”

~ the chosen one


The man who inadvertently started it all

The Reverend Sylvester Graham, a scientist and nutritionist, founded Grahamism sometime during the 1800s.

He was considered so wise people traveled miles to hear what they called his golden words of wisdom. His followers soon came to be known as Grahamites. The Reverends ideas about diet and lifestyle were thought in the day to extend life expectancy. Unfortunately when their founder died, many of his followers, disappointed that he missed his target age by a few centuries, left to find new ways of life. The determined few who remained adopted the term "Golden Grahams be with you". It was used by the Grahamites as a farewell, term of endearment or as words of encouragement. The saying remained relatively unknown for over 100 years

The phrase was brought into wider use after #ilovegoldengrahams trended on Twitter, and found its way into the public consciousness.


The infamous cereal

Many people mistakenly believe that the term Golden Grahams is simply a reference to the breakfast cereal. Said cereal was originally named "Gold Hen Grey Hams" but unfortunately due to the publics misconception that it was a very meaty cereal, sales were poor. The sales were so poor that Nestle discontinued the Cereal in the UK, but it continued to be manufactured elsewhere.

In 2010 with the phrase's rising popularity, the cereal was rebranded to the better known breakfast cereal, "Golden Grahams". A small band of modern day Grahamites filed an official complaint to General Mills, demanding they stop using their leaders great name and title to sell breakfast goods.

As of yet no official response has been made, but one highly reputable source reported that when questioned on the matter Chief Executive Kendall J. Powell had been quoted as saying "tough titties."

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