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Dante Alighieri: "EA got it right!" UnNews Logo Potato.png

9 February 2010

"Yeah, this is a picture from my reform school days."

NINTH CIRCLE, Hell-- There has been a lot of buzz around the Video game industry this winter as Electronic Arts, creators of top selling sports games such as Madden 2006, Madden 07, Madden 08, Madden 09, and the groundbreaking Madden 10, debuted a commercial for their new game, Dante's Inferno, during this year's SuperBall.

The effort by EA to create a game based in a historical context that appeals to a wider audience has drawn comparisons to the popular Dynasty Warriors franchise and follows on the heels of more recently successful history/adventure games like the Assassin's Creed series and the Prince of Persia series.

When asked about the value of using video games to teach history to the younger, more technologically savvy generation, Dante Alighieri, the author who inspired the aforementioned game, said "We have tapped this new frontier for teaching people about history, and now literature, exactly the way it was. Exactly the way it was."

We caught up with Alighieri at his villa in the Ninth Circle of Hell where he is on vacation with his "partner", Virgil. He had this to say: "Yeah, the epic made me famous, but the game is what really made me rich. I signed a fat contract with those Madden guys. It got me this house, a brand new car and even a boat that we take out on the River Styx sometimes. Mostly just on weekends." He continued, "The most impressive thing EA did was capture exactly what I was describing in the poem. They managed to really dig in to the sub-text, too, and see that I was well armed in order to fight the hordes of demons, as was my purpose for descending into Hell in the first place." Virgil added "Out of my way, you're in my light. I'm paler than Powder's ghost over here."

When asked about any future projects in the works that might involve real events in history that we haven't had to play a million times already the head of development at EA, Martin Braithwait, said "In fact there is a new game that is about half-way done. It is an adaptation of The Great Gatsby that is centered around Jay Gatz' quest for revenge after the death of his love, Daisy. Sort of a Max Payne written by F. Scott Fitzgerald type of vibe. We're using motion capture too, so we have Gerard Butler in an inspired performance playing Gatsby."