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3 September 2014

Speaker Boehner doing whatever it takes to please the Wyoming crowds.

JACKSON HOLE, Wyoming -- Mere days after President Obama stunned the nation by saying "we have no strategy," House Speaker John Boehner insisted that voters can trust his Republican Party just as much as the President's Democrats, not to let political skullduggery get bogged down in any grand design.

Matching Mr. Obama's audacity in attending fundraisers in Westchester County a day after James Foley went and got his head sawed off, Mr. Boehner continued his own 14-state, 6,000-mile summer bus tour without batting a tear-filled eye.

Ex-Vice President Dick Cheney welcomed Mr. Boehner to the posh resort. Wyoming is so sparsely populated that its electoral vote total is actually negative, but it is the only state that doesn't still blame its native son for the Iraq War. Mr. Boehner played a 20-minute video, then rubbed elbows with the 150 well-heeled campaign donors, as none would let his hands anywhere near their pockets.

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Several members of the House Republican leadership are along on the tour, describing how Republicans will "drive to 245," which is the default speed limit in Wyoming, capitalizing on Mr. Obama's unpopularity while dodging any new ideas of their own. This was Mitt Romney's tack in 2012 until he started listing the parts of Obama-care he kind of liked. But Mr. Boehner insisted that even this is not a strategy.

Mr. Boehner noted that his cross-country vacation is coming to an end. Congress will return for a frenzied 12 days of name-calling, ending with backslapping and passing spending bills before returning home to campaign for the November elections. Then it will be back for more histrionics, even for Members who lost their elections and are out on their asses in January, but hopefully also one national crisis leading to a thousand-page bill in which to hide favors for lobbyists. However, Mr. Boehner stressed that there will be no strategy, such as a government shutdown or a sequester of funds, not this time. "The American people need to know that we are every bit as unfocused as the President."