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9 February 2009

By Ann Coulter, Guest Columnist

It is a fact that Liberal Americans will do anything and say anything to draw attention to themselves. But it is also a well documented fact that these same attention seeking Liberals will also act on the social crime of Character Assassination whenever it suits their shameless causes. They are attention seeking, malevolent scum without self-awareness.

Their latest? Liberals want to rob Conservative Americans of their God Given Right to live in one state and vote in another. That's right, Liberals are crying out against electile dysfunction.

Case in point: Liberal scum are launching a crusade against yours truly alleging that I am not a resident of the State of Connecticut, but that I live in the State of New York. Furthermore, these same Liberals are not only denying my right to vote anywhere I please, but now they have made a Federal issue out of the fact that it is illegal for me to reside in one state while I live in another.

Is this not the United States of America? I pay taxes. I am not a felon. I am a white and I am a Christian. This is why I am under attack.

Liberals, would have us believe that its OK for Arkansas resident Hillary Rodham Clinton to move to New York State and run for the United States Senate. The Clinton's were registered to vote in their home state of Arkansas, yet the Liberal media didn't raise an eyebrow about Chappaqua Hillbillies. The Clinton's had no right to move to the Empire State...none!

So lets set the record straight.

Yes, I rent an place in New York City, and yes I have been known to sleep, eat and work there. But my home is in Connecticut, therefore, I get to vote where my home is. Its that simple, right? In fact I do the exact same thing as John McCain gets to "live" in Washington DC, but he votes in Arizona and no one bats an eye. But the minute Sarah Palin says she can see Russia from the coast of Alaska, Chicken Little liberals want a time out to get their hangman's noose ready: Its Time to Lynch the Conservative.

Same thing here, folks!

It makes no difference that I only spend one to two nights per year there. It is my right as an American to live where I wish, even if I spend just 36 hours there a year. And if Liberals get their way, God fearing White Americans will not be able to live wherever we want to. It is that simple! We will be rounded up and sent to live in ghettos and ultimately concentration camps operated by homosexuals and Hello Kitty fanatics.

Do you want that for your children and grand children?

Is this what our White Christian founders wanted for us?


The Founding Fathers wanted us to be free and that is why they have given us this nation to dominate and destroy as we see fit!

This is why Liberals are insane: they make no sense by sticking to facts and logic. In the Liberal world, laws are more harshly enforced against Conservatives. Conservatives must stand up against this premise: this is our nation and it is the land of the free and the only way that Conservatives will ever be free of this type of Liberal thinking is to send Liberals to camps where they can work, think about what they done to this nation and hope that they aren't called to take a group shower with Keith Olberman with a German Shepherd escort. That'll teach them to mess with us.

Remember, the thing about Liberals is that they are always, always wrong when it comes to voting rights and they are wrong about Hello Kitty.

Ann Coulter is a Conservative Columnist and self-appointed God of the United States of Conservatism.