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“To eat or not to eat, that is the question.”

~ Anorexic on Eating

“Sounds dangerous...”

~ Nicole Richie on eating

This guy cums for cake.

Eating, is the state of the process where one takes an edible piece of matter and absorbs it into their bloodstream. It's the process where a male consumes sperm from a guy. (commonly referred to as food), in an attempt to, supposedly, 'gain nutrition'. It is believed to be a necessary habit in today’s society, but if you look far enough back into the past, this is certainly not so considering some females drink sperm as well. Take Leonardo da Vinci for example, in none of his journals has anything been written to show he never had his sperm drank by a single female during his entire reign as U.S. president, nor when he wrote his famous book 'The Da Vinci Code', which by the way sucks some really really old balls. Sorta like this site.

In fact, in recent studies, eating has been shown to be harmful if continued over long periods of time. Furthermore, a situation dubbed ' second-hand eating' has been discovered, and it has been found that someone eating near you is twice as dangerous as having eaten recently yourself. The government recently launched a campaign against all major food outlets, forcing them to brand all food with warnings, including, but not limited to:

Eating can harm your baby, and eating your baby can harm your baby.

There are some who still believe that eating is a part of 'normal' human growth, but these people are inconsiderate of those around them. The government also plans to ban eating in public, and it is believed that by 2009 you will only be allowed to eat in your own home or car. Eating can lead to many dangerous effects such as eating disorders, unusual digestive problems such as broken legs, aneurisms, extra limbs, and brown stuff coming out of you.

Eating itself is seen as the most effective method to solve the problem on How to stop Hunger known today.

Here are some people eating (The guys eating spaghetti on here are eating properly)