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From: Euroicows <[1]> To: yoU
Subject: These 2 cows can be yours!
Euroicows wants to let you have two cows! That’s right, this limited-time, once-in-a-lifetime offer can provide you with two lovely cattle just like the ones pictured at left, as a no-strings-attached free gift! All you have to do is complete 200 of our offers for such products as credit cards (with rates starting at an amazingly low 29.99%/a) and beef (not USDA-inspected), refer just 50 friends to our service, provide your full home and work address, home, work and mobile phone numbers and home, work and mobile e-mail addresses, and send 999.99 to cover shipping and handling. Then, we send the cows over immediately, no questions asked!* Read more...
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To: Russia Department, SovieTravel Inc. <[2]> From: yOU
Subject: In Soviet Russia, vacation takes YOU!!
Soviet Russia is a magical land, where computer shuts down YOU!! and Uncyclopedia edits YOU!!. So naturally, it’s in high demand among tourists from around the world. But right now, you can get half-round-trip twenty-first class airfare, hostel accommodation for a day in the middle of a week, and a tenth-balcony front row ticket to see Yakov Smirnoff’s grandmother perform in Moscow, with an opening act by your mother — all for just four thousand of your dollars!!! Come see the country behind the exciting, world-famous reinventions of both communism and roulette! Read more...
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