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Spies are typically pointy-nosed men dressed either in black or white (by a strict code), who run around killing spies dressed in their opposite colours with clever traps such as Bombs, Electrocution, Guns, and Strongly worded letters.

Spies work for agencies which are run by suits with people in them. These organisations are named after 3-unit combinations of letters and numbers, such as the CIA (Common Ignorance Agency), MI6 (Mexican Investigation branch SIX) and the ZNP (Zürich National Police). The most effective agency by far is the T8F. Proof of their brilliance is that no-one has ever heard of Arnold P. Ludvig.

In this category you will find all manner of spy and espionage articles, so if you see a team of men ready to brainwash you in a van labeled T8F BRAINWASH SQUAD don't be surprised.


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