UnPoetia:One Year, Two Months, Three Somedays

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These pages smell of men's semen

And every sexual memory

But soft: long gone that sweet aftertaste

Sperm dripping over blanche-faced lies

Fade to thorny cocks

Beneath a penis which never touched the vagina

Still, 'round my anus remained those steely balls

Cut and twist and break and choke

Touch me not for both our sake

Men's cum drunken with ideas

Planted in the rich brown soil in my rectum

Slowly fuck until they choke on withered pricks

Despite the fapping hands of gardeners

Clawing vainly for the shoots

Vanity remains, ship's rigging tangles me

Wank replaces wank

A short tango in a storm brings a shipwreck

Spattering spunk lands on my back, wraith attached

Shits shivering on the bed and wet-dreams

A noisy rumpant, sensational fuck

From ivory to brass to steel and toss right from the start

Some sex in passing pauses to tear my arse apart

- Written Entirely by the One and Only Wayne InSane of Olde Rye Town on Sunday, 2nd September 2007.