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Harvey Weinstein is left on the cutting room floor UnNews Logo Potato.png

10 October 2017

Harvey Weinstein: Friends run away

LOS ANGELES, USA -- Fallen film bigshot Harvey Weinstein is currently being erased from Hollywood history following allegations that he was an overt exhibitionist, groper, wanker and serial donor to the Democratic Party. Weinstein has denied everything except the last charge.

A former friend of the stars, Weinstein has become like American version of Jimmy Savile. Everyone apparently knew in Hollywood that Weinstein was an active user of the casting couch, the massage bench and the shower hand shandy. Unlike Savile, Weinstein is still alive but is now likely to be housed in the Prison Celebrity Wing of San Quentin State Prison, alongside Bill Cosby (when convicted) and Mel Gibson (anti-semitic rant pending).

'Lower down Hillary'.

Weinstein has since gone into hiding as his many celebrity friends have now claimed never to have known what Weinstein was upto. The Hollywood Motion Pictures Association of America (MPAA) have withdrawn their special award given to Weinstein for his services to them (also known as the 'Pinocchio Prize'. Democratic Party luminaries have blamed the Media for the fuss and point to President Donald Trump for his comparable on-the-record sexual antics to say that 'everyone was at it'. Former USA presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is currently checking her emails to see if she can delete everything sent by H.Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein was behind a number of films that won many oscars but that no bothered to see. These included Shakespeare in the Bath, Penis in New York, Masturbator and Commandeered Potted Plant and My Weinster and Angelina Jolie/Ashley Judd/Sienna Miller etc..etc...