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Brawl in the British parliament, 4 MP dead UnNews Logo Potato.png

9 June 2017

London, UK -- After the tense election results that led to the loss of the majority for the Conservatives, and during various attempts to form a government, there was a brawl in the House of Commons between Tory and Labour MPs that caused 230 injured and 4 dead.

Meanwhile, in the melee, Tony Blair attempted to execute a coup attempt against the PM Theresa May by stabbing her, but he too ended up being involved in the fight. Now the ex-PM is at the hospital and he should go to court to be tried for attempted murder and coup tomorrow June 10 in the morning.

After being brought at the hospital, the-ex PM declared:

I am sorry. I am really sorry for what happened.

Immediate condemnations came from all over the world: the new French President, Emmanuel Macron, said that such behavior is unacceptable in a parliament of a civilian country such as Britain. He also expressed solidarity with Tony Blair and hopes that the ex-premier will show that his condemnation would be unfair to him and to the unity of Europe.

The PM, Theresa May, after the incident declared:

Okay, listen to me, Tony, you fucking pointed head with the brain the size of a penis. We will leave the EU and you can not do anything..

After that, she did an evil laugh and went away.