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30 April 2010

Every one of these people might arouse suspicion from one of Arizona's obviously racist policemen.
This is an UnNews "round-up"--you should pardon the expression!

PHOENIX, Arizona -- There was a flurry of activity following the state's passage of an unprecedented law declaring it illegal to be...illegal.

Republican, white-as-snow Governor Jan Brewer last Friday signed the bill into law, to take effect in 90 days, which will require local police to pursue any reasonable suspicion that a person is in the country illegally.

Community organizers and advocates insist that the law will be used mostly against Latinos, as Latinos do most of the border-jumping. They demand that local police conduct stings at high-school football games, French restaurants, funerals of people of Swedish ancestry, and the few remaining English-language newspapers, so as to equalize the discomfort among races.

Andrea Mercado, of Oakland, California, loves her mother; her mother is either a legal or an illegal immigrant. Ergo...what?

Reaction to the law has been swift and predictable.

  • Protestors camped out at the Capitol all last week. Some were bused in from Los Angeles. This is because, constitutionally, California has a say in what state laws Arizona passes. You can't join the protest because you have to go to work tomorrow morning.
  • President Obama, who just last week was warning that anti-government rhetoric would lead to violence, issued a rasher of anti-government rhetoric, calling the new state law "misguided," though he didn't say anyone "acted stupidly," this time. He asked Attorney General Eric Holder to find a legal way to block the law, and perhaps do a better job than Mr. Holder did prosecuting the blacks who intimidated voters with nightsticks in 2008.
  • Tucson policeman Martin Escobar has filed suit challenging the law's constitutionality. He claims police have the right not to pursue reasonable suspicion, and that persons of a humble color have the right not to be asked embarrassing questions, even after they are arrested for something else, even questions that wouldn't be embarrassing if it weren't obvious they are wet-backs.
  • Throngs of Americans organized a total boycott of Arizona, at economic choke points, such as when their baseball team plays an away game in Chicago. A boycott would hurt Arizona's economy, which would help its illegals by Editor: help me out with this
Shakira legally cleared U.S. Immigration on her way to Arizona.
  • Remarkably, singers and movie stars have an opinion on the new law too. Linda Ronstadt, who is a dark-skinned Brazilian, said, "Mexican-Americans are not going to take this lying down." Except of course Mexican-Americans who came across legally. And Colombian star Shakira plans to meet with the Phoenix police chief and mayor to warn them not to do racial profiling, a concern that neither of them will have thought about before. Shakira will have entry papers from Immigration, and will have a duty to carry them and present them if reasonably asked. As has always been the case. "Just like Nazi Germany," say the protestors.