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2015 Greek financial crisis
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EC solves Greek debt problem
BRUSSELS, Belgium -- The Greek financial crisis has finally settled down, according to the head of the EC. After years of bickering, bluffing and name-calling, it is time to "make Greece’s debt sustainable in the long term."

Or, according to the English translation, "dress up the default as a debt relief package to keep our jobs as European Commissioners and keep the United Kingdom in the fold." Full story»

Greek crisis enters crisis phase
BRUSSELS, Belgium (updated) -- Eurozone ministers have turned the relative molehill of a Greek bailout deal into an Olympus-sized mountain that is straining the very foundations of the European Union.

On the brink of making their first-ever right decision, the EU quickly returned to form by arguing about national agendas, backstabbing and general divisiveness. Full story»

Tsipras beats Merkel at Twister
BRUSSELS, Belgium -- Tsipras has bested Merkel in a pan-European game of Twister, writing even greater austerity measures than Brussels initially proposed, while annoying Merkel, re-igniting national hatred across Europe, and remaining a hero at home. Tsipras accused her publicly of blackmail, then bypassed her and blackmailed the Greeks himself. Full story»
Icarus will fly again, says father
ATHENS, Greece -- Greece's leading feathered aeronaut Icarus will 'fly' again, says his father Daedalus. Icarus was found by a troop of passing naked sea sirens, who have since taken the young man to their underwater hospital to recuperate. Full story»

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