Dr. Nefarious

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Idiotic Homo-Supervillain
Dr. Nefarious
Classification Robot
Position Ruler of Robo-Manifest Destiny
Weapon of mass destruction That gay device that can turn a person into a robot - Healthy Crap II
Loyalty Himself
The Irken Empire
The Axis of Evil-Doers
In it for Crushing the squishies!


~ some Tyhranoid on Dr. Nefarious


~ Dr. Nefarious on his butler


~ Oscar Wilde on Dr. Nefarious

“Fuck him and fuck his robots...”

~ Supreme Executive Chairman Drek and Emperor Percival Tachyon on Dr. Nefarious

Dr. Miles Nefarious hates all organic life in a sad, obnoxiously pointless attempt to be bitchy and evil, despite formerly being organic himself. He is best known by his bitchier alias - That Idiotic Homo-Supervillain, a title he earned after his failed attempt at enslaving San Francisco by turning all its citizens into gay robots with a Death Star-like device which he called "Healthy Crap". Contrary to popular belief, this failed attempt at queer domination was not a failure for Dr. Nefarious at the time. As while in the midst of throwing yet another bitch fit, it is been long confirmed that Nefarious had a fabulous vision. A vision in which he, with a "Great Clock", as he put it "would be able to control time — and to some lesser extent the useless parts of space — in order to wrong all the rights in the universe.

As of the year 2009, Dr. Nefarious' insane predictions have been proven gay as indicated when he failed at acheiving his vision thanks to the same pair of straight boys who thwarted his past attempts at enslaving San Francisco. After his most recent defeat Nefarious' whereabouts are unknown. His random screams can still be heard in San Francisco every now and then though, on extremely cold nights..., under a blue moon..., where his butler may be found.

Early Life History[edit]

Nefarious after the detailed freak robotic transformation. Note: the hideous detailes.

Dr. Nefarious' rather insane disposition began (before he became a robot) back in Oprah's 9th grade biology class. Here, the rather dim witted superhero Steve Ballmer, who at the time was 26 and three times Nefarious' size, constantly bullied and humiliated him by posing as a school bully. A long time after this, Steve Ballmer confronted the gender confused villain at his current, secret lair on the dwarf-planet Pluto and when Ballmer tried to kill Nefarious "for old time's sake," knocked Nefarious into a machine of sorts and that machine somehow turned Dr. Nefarious into the robot he is now. He was fine with this though, since robots are awesome. However, it is theorized upon reading an article about him on Encyclopedia Dramatica, which is a wiki devoted to making fun of people on LiveJournal and DeviantART, Nefarious went mad. It is thought that when the lonely, life-lacking Dramatica writers found Nefarious's LJ, they made an article about him that contained slanderous material such as a photoshopped picture of Nefarious's head on the body of that guy from 300, saying "This is LAAAWWWRENCE!!!" This was the supposed last straw for Nefarious. First, god made him a fag, then Steve Ballmer fucking killed him, which resulted in him becoming a robot, and now some little fuck-nut was mocking him? His only remaining option was to wipe out all organic life in the galaxy — as is his current goal, and take up fashion designing. He was gay, so there was no choice in the matter.

Media connections[edit]

Dr. Nefarious as he appeared on CNN to recruit the band Queen to his cause.
Dr. Nefarious and Bill O'Reilly as they appeared on the O'Reilly Factor spinning on yet another subject in a no spin zone.

Being a media fairy, Dr. Nefarious obviously had many connections in the media, Both Oprah and otherwise. These connections worked to his advantage because it allowed Dr. Nefarious to use the media to convince queers all over the galaxy to join him in killing all the organic life forms. Nefarious made many appearances on various radio and talk shows to discuss his evil plans and coax every queer into joining his cause. He talked about "destroying the heteros", and actually gave several valid reasons why straight life forms must be destroyed. The three shows that Dr. Nefarious appeared on most frequently were Oprah, The View, and The O'Reilly Factor because Bill O'Reilly was also an evil villain who opted for world — if not galactic — domination. Oprah let him on the show because "I'M OPRAAAAAAH!". In his most recent TV appearance, Dr. Nefarious appeared on CNN to give more valid reasons to kill all straight lifeforms.

Dr. Nefarious's speech to the gay citizens of San Francisco[edit]

Dr. Nefarious

"Homosexual Citizens of San Francisco, the hour of your liberation is at hand! For to long have we fags suffered under the bigotry, the stupidity, the flapdoodling and foul stench of hetero life forms! Soon! Queen will bask in the liberty, and equality, of my fabulous, iron-fisted rule ... babe! As for you filthy, non gay life forms, you can look forward to being subjected to Y! Gallery until your testicles spontaneously combust! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Thats all for now babe..."

Deadly War Strategist[edit]

Nute Gunray will be pissed that this is here.
This too.

Dr. Nefarious isn't just a tyrannical faggot bent on galactic domination that nobody except maybe his butler would take seriously. He is also a brilliant war strategist who has at his disposal a massive homo-army that he uses to crush his enemies and the squishies, any type of heterosexual life form.


Aside from his butler Lawrence, Dr. Nefarious has others who command his army and do his dirty work, such as building his fabulous superweapons, conquering a planet, or fetching him some kittens to huff when he is under stress. To do these things, Dr. Nefarious has worked very hard, scouted far and wide, and fucked up enough computers to create one fucking awsome general robot and one fucking awesome general lesbo-bot. You heard me..., lesbian general robot.

Courtney Gears[edit]

“Her Specifications were remarkable”

~ Clank on Courtney Gears

A former pop star, as well as an exact replica of a baby dispenser, Britney Spears, fused together with Courtney Love & turned into a robot, Courtney Love(s) Gears was assigned to work at Dr. Nefarious' top secret weapons facility in the Obani moon system. There, on Obani Draco, she tests Dr. Nefarious' super weapon, that gay device that turns people into robots, to make sure that it gave its victims the perfect combination of homosexuality and cybernetic technology. Another factor in Nefarious's decision to appoint Courtney was her divine sense of fashion! And she gets naked... A lot!

Courtney Gear's Songs[edit]

Besides getting naked... A lot! Courtney Gears also recruits homosexuals through retarded pop songs that Dr. Nefarious' himself wrote like this one. Note: That is actually the title of her entire song.

Dr. Nefarious and his favorite general not on CNN.

Rob the Evil Backstabbing Robot Tampon[edit]

Also Known as General Rob, he is Dr. Nefarious's most trusted and favorite general. In Battle, Rob will mercilessly lead his troops into battle, leaving nothing but homosexual robots in his wake. When not in battle, Rob is usually Nefarious's first choice in handling negotiations with the Irken Empire because he is quite deceptive and can tip the tables in Nefarious's favor, should the Irkens decide to break their alliance with Dr. Nefarious.

Irken Alliance[edit]

“All your planet are belong to us!”

~ Zim and Dr. Nefarious on galactic domination

Nefarious taking some time off to do a photo shoot.

It is a very well known gay fact that Dr. Nefarious has joined forces with the ruler of Earth, Zim. They entered a mutual agreement when it was realized they could only achieve galacitc dominance with the use of their respective recources. Together, it is know that they plan to enslave planet after planet by first turning the planet's inhabitants into gay robots with Dr. Nefarious's gay device (That turns people into gay robots.) and then put the robots to work, establishing new bases for Zim until he and Dr. Nefarious have conquered the galaxy. Dr. Nefarious has not only joined up with Zim however, but he has in fact joined up with the Irken Empire and has supplied the Irkens with many valuable resources.

It is believed by many people though that such an aliance can never last as Zim and the Irken Empire are not interested in ridding the Universe of heterosexual life forms. The Irken species is entirely Heterosexual (Except for Skooge and Purple.) Which would conflict with Nefarious's plans to "Gay the Galaxy!" The collapse of the Nefarious-Irken allince may be the Straight Galaxy's only hope.

More Recent Years[edit]

Nefarious' fabulous smile. Note: his hideous detailes.

Dr. Nefarious has also broken an alliance with a race known as the Zoni. He has disbanded with the Zoni, as indicated when he yelled "FUCK OFF HETEROES!!!" Right now, and I mean right fucking now, he and Zim are trying to go back in time to give gay guys "do-overs" and make sure that the fuck-nut mentioned earlier won't make an encyclopedia dramatica article about him.

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