World Mission Society Church of God

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A religious event at a Korean stadium which WMSCOG plans to organize. They are getting there.

The World Mission Society Church of God, abbreviated WMSCOG or vaguely referred to as simply the Church of God, is not a cult from True Best Korea but a legitimate registered church awarded by various groups across the world for their humanitarian work.



As recalled from the Bible, Jesus Christ went back to heaven after coming back from the dead. The WMSCOG points out that he promised that he would return again.


A typical WMSCOG Church with portraits of Ahn Sahng-hong and Jang Gil-ja and some WMSCOG members.

The World Mission Church of God believes that Christ has already returned. They believe that a Korean, not a Jewish man, Ahn Sahng-hong is the second coming of Christ. They believe that Ahn descended back to Earth in Mount Paektu in February 16, 1942 riding a pegasus which is riding a nuke which in turn was riding a Charizard. Not much is known about Ahn's life other than some parable accounts by the WMSCOG saying that he lived a virtuous life building the foundation of a true Church in a "world overwhelmed by heretical groups and the Catholic Church".

According to WMSCOG accounts, Ahn founded the Church under earthly laws as an act of humility, registering it as a corporation in True Best Korea before he ascended back to heaven. His wife Jang Gil-ja, who is according to WMSCOG also God like Ahn himself, took over the Church. She holds the title "God the Mother" and "Bride of Jerusalem".

There is also a church, named the New Covenant Passover Church of God, which the WMSCOG brands as "False Church of God". In actuality the New Covenant Church and WMSCOG was a result of a schism in Ahn's original sect.

Then the WMSCOG's reach grew and spread to many countries in the world where they preach about the teachings of God the Mother and doing some charity work which is not a suspicious front.


Ahn Sahng-hong standing epically in Mount Baektu in the original poster of 2012. The original movie was never released since Hollywood cast a white actor for Ahn's character and changed his name. Before 2013, WMSCOG used the original film in recruiting new members.

The World Mission Church of God believes the Second Coming of Christ has already come through the form of Ahn Sahng-hong who has already ascended to heaven and not died and was dubbed Eternal Christ Pastor. They believe in a Holy Quaternity that Ahn is God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit and also believe in the female image of God which is embodied in Jang Gil-Ja, the God the Mother but they call this concept "Holy Trinity" for simplicity's sake.

She is still living today but it observers wait if she will actually die or join Ahn in heaven. The WMSCOG is silent on the matter saying that they will officially reveal to its members regarding this but a reputable source says that there would be a third coming of Christ and another claim that there would be at least a sixth coming. Jang's word is essentially the doctrine of the church or whatever WMSCOG pastors says. IF 2+2 is equals five then it is five if Mother says so.

WMSCOG members really take the Sabbath seriously, the thing they value the most aside from Ahn Sahng-hong and God the Mother. Lying or any form of deception is allowable as long as its for the spiritual growth of the member. Psychologist Matt Smith compares this behaviour to a teenager lying about doing a school project with classmates at a friends house in order to advance his relationship with a lover.

They also believe that humanity is living in the "End Times" and that salvation is exclusive to WMSCOG members. God the Mother herself said that the world will end in 1988, 1999, and 2012 but most experts believe it did not. WMSCOG claims that the Devil is spreading false information regarding the end of the world; notably, the Internet and other non-WMSCOG publications.


The WMSCOG follows a systematic way of recruiting new members. Despite the church's goal of recruiting as many members as possible, only the chosen one can be members. When the WMSCOG people recruits there are almost always two people: the Bible-holder and the preacher. There were reports of people being surprised by these WMSCOG people who seems to pop up from nowhere - just outside a university campus, at a cafe, or even at the restroom. The recruiters will introduce themselves other than being WMSCOG members such as students conducting a survey for schoolwork. They will then introduce God the Mother through a verse in the Revelations, which can be interpreted in many ways. They will insist that the recruitee come to their church and get baptized immediately without knowing anything much about the church yet.


“An exemplary organization that promotes goodwill, teamwork, and friendship; a model church that the Catholic Church should follow. Perhaps they could get cuter choirboys.”

~ Pope Francis

The World Mission Church of God has bought numerous citations and awards from various people and entities around the world, such as former President Barack Obama and a citation from Queen Elizabeth II of England.


WMSCOG is opposed by various groups such as former members and people the WMSCOG disdainfully label as "cult experts". The church has been criticized for its aggressive recruitment tactics, from stalking prospective members to causing people to get late for school or work. The WMSCOG has been labeled by critics, or "persecutors" or "haters" as the WMSCOG calls them, as a cult. The church had a setback in True Best Korea when the National Council of Churches in Korea officially condemned the group.