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Warnings that need always be heeded.

Very special episode is an advertising term originally used in American television commercials to describe an episode of a situation comedy or television drama that deals with a serious and/or controversial social issue.

These episodes are vital, despite lacking any entertainment value. Studies have shown that countries where the populace is not force-fed shallow moral messages through commercially controlled mass media show dangerously high levels of teenage smoking, recreational drug use, and inability to relate to people of other ethnicities, cultures or sexualities.



Season 2, 5 AM - 6 AM
During a coffee break, Jack goes outside and sees Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler smoking cigarettes. They ask him if he wants one too. Afraid to seem uncool, Jack accepts. During the following hour, Jack struggles with the decision he made. He clearly realizes that smoking is bad for you, but he doesn't want Tony and Michelle to think any less of him. During the episode's conclusion, Jack consults with President Palmer, who tells him that there is nothing cool about smoking, and that if Jack's friends don't respect his decision not to smoke, they're not really his friends anyway. Jack finally confronts Tony and Michelle, and their reaction is far milder than he'd anticipated.

Star Trek: The Original Series[edit]

Season 2, Where Men Have Gone
Kirk walks in on Sulu and Chekov kissing. He immediately assures them that he is 'ok with it' and that their secret is safe with him. Soon after the incident however, Kirk begins to ignore the two, only talking to them when absolutely necessary and canceling a previously made appointment for a game of tennis. When Sulu and Chekov decide to confront Kirk on his behavior, he snaps. He yells at them and threatens to demote both of them. Spock finally intervenes, explaining that he had long known about the relationship, from a security video he came across. Spock and Kirk talk and Kirk finally realizes that his fear of homosexuality nearly cost him two dear friends.

Star Trek: The Next Generation[edit]

Season 4, The Enemy Within
During an exchange mission, Dr. Crusher serves on a Klingon battlecruiser for a month. While working for the Klingons she finds herself sexually harassed by the Klingon captain. She's afraid to tell anyone, and she keeps avoiding the captain for fear of things getting out of hand. They eventually do, as the Klingon captain tries to kiss her in the cruiser's mess hall. She slaps him in the face and runs away. She contacts the Enterprise and is quickly picked up. The Klingon captain is severely reprimanded by the Klingon Council and dishonorably discharged. The episode ended with a special message by Gates McFadden on the subject of sexual harassment. She advises viewers who are dealing with uncomfortable situations to confront the harassing coworker or a trusted third party as things may otherwise get out of hand.


Season 5, Habits and Choices
Augustus Hill, the show's disabled narrator, finds a bag of marijuana under the mattress of his cell-mate Tobias Beecher. After some consideration he confronts Beecher on his habits, and tries to convince him of the dangers of smoking illegal and addictive substances. Beecher won't listen and laughs at him. Hill decides to tell the warden about Beecher's drug use. The warden thanks Hill for his courage, and assures him that in the end, Beecher will thank him for what he did. As Beecher gets out of solitary two months later, Hill is nervous about Beecher's reaction, but Beecher does thank Hill for helping him kick his habit, just as the warden had predicted.


Generation 1, Season 1, All Too Human
A black family moves in to Prowl's neighbourhood, and Optimus Prime starts to discover racist tendencies in his friend. Optimus doubts whether he should confront Prowl on this, and decides not to. When Prowl's neighbourhood is attacked by the Decepticons, the autobots notice Prowl doing very little to help his African American neighbours, and Optimus is forced to step in. After the attack, the autobots talk about everything that has happened recently. Prowl admits he was wrong, and promises to change his ways.
Generation 1, Season 1, Towards the Edge
X-brawn's thrill seeking gets out of hand. He begins to act irresponsibly, seeking out danger. Optimus Prime confronts him on his actions, but he won't listen. When he finally endangers all the autobots by accidentally setting off some illegal fireworks in the autobot headquarters, he gets into a fight with Optimus Prime and he is sent away. At the end of the episode, he returns to apologize and it is revealed that X-Brawn's girlfriend had broken up with him, causing his reckless behavior.
Generation 1, Season 4. Too Close for Comfort
Although Rodimus Prime and Arcee are close friends, Rodimus feels pressured to advance the relationship. He feels like he is not ready for intimancy. One afternoon, a distraught Rodimus talks to Kup about how he feels. Kup advises him on healthy relationships and sexuality, and the next day Rodimus talks to Arcee about his feelings, and they agree to take things a notch slower. Kup tells the audience that love is a beautiful thing, but everyone must take it at a speed that they are comfortable with.


Episode 52, Season 3 No Love Lost
Jeri meets a strange man while walking home from school. He says he'll give her something special if she follows him. She does, and he ties her up, and throws her in the back of the van. Fortunately, Calumon takes her cellphone to Takato and Guilmon. Just before Jeri is deflowered, Takato and Guilmon run in reveals who his father is: Chuck Norris. Using his ass-kicking powers, the pedophile is killed with one roundhouse kick, and Jeri and Takato kiss. At the end, Jeri and Takato warn viewers about strangers, and the value of a good roundhouse kick. Then they totally make out.


Season 2, Turning a Blind Eye
Wolverine is feeling threatened by Storm and Beast, afraid that they are going to hurt him. He discusses his feelings with Cyclops, and eventually shows him a gun that he has brought with him on a routine mission to fight Magneto. This troubles Cyclops, because he fears for his friend's safety, but also doesn't want him hurting anyone else. Finally, with the help of Gambit, he talks to Professor X, who assures him that he will put a stop to all this. He confronts Storm and Beast, who didn't realize that they were taking things too far. They apologize to Wolverine and promise not to belittle him any longer. After the show, Wolverine addresses the viewers, saying that if they or anyone they know are thinking about bringing a gun to school or work, they should tell someone immediately.


Season 6, Poke-Juice
Ash is discovered by Brock and Max to be giving Pikachu a strange juice. Ash claims that he found it on the ground in Mount Moon. He says it is called ether and restores Pikachu's thunder. Brock and Max claim that it is a performance enhancing drug and decide to tell Professor Oak. Prof. Oak sits down and has a long talk with Ash about the importance of fair play. A tearful Ash then reveals that he only used the drug so that he could beat Gary, but he admitted that he should have fought him fair and square. Prof. Oak gently reminds him that true Pokemon masters never use steroids. Ash swears off the drugs and goes into his tent for another round with May.