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“Giving you credit for the classes you took at our recommendation would undermine the integrity of the degree.”

~ Dean of Engineering

“As for the controversy regarding the chief, let's just ask the Illini what they think. Oh yeah, they're dead.”

~ Alumnus Harith Tamimie

“Smell that? Thats the smell of success! Or maybe cow feces, im not sure...”

~ The average UIUC student

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, commonly known as UofIwhytheheckisthereaChair?, or (for Asians) United of Indians and United of Chinese, is the only worthwhile entity of the UI school system. The other schools (springfield, chicago) are meant to comfort those who couldn't make it into UofI and provide them with a false reality of campus. The site of the campus sits atop an ancient indian burial ground, which is the reason for the school's beloved mascot, Chief Illiniwek. Most students attend UIUC after ruining their father's Porsche, failing interviews with Princeton, turning their home into a brothel, or becoming a Scientologist. Once they have failed out of UIUC, they go on to attend Parkland College, an institution of somewhat higher prestige, located in the same community. The university is most well known for its Morrow Plots which were the first experimental opium fields in the United States.

The most common moniker for UIUC is University of Illinois - Under Construction, please remember to pronounce the 's' at the end of Illinois. The fact that the university is constantly under construction in at least seven places is not disputed and is possibly responsible for many of the "late nighters" students experience, although it is entirely possible that these are caused by promiscuous students talking about how sexy each other's tractors are. It is also common for undergraduate students to harass professors about joining their research in teleportation (not quantum teleportation, the Star Trek kind). Evidently we do that here at UIUC.

Alumni from UIUC include Hugh Hefner, Moses, Jerry Colangelo and Hanky the Christmas Poo. The university is also well known for graduating people who watch movies for a living.

Typical Student Life[edit]

Student life at UIUC consists mainly of drinking, classes, drinking, drinking, Unofficial St. Patrick's Day and then maybe some late night drinking. You know, to blow off steam.

UIUC is a great place to meet your future spouse. This university has a rich history of having students get married, then be horribly disappointed twenty years later when their offspring don't go to school here because of poor ACT scores. Because of the sheer number of students on campus (well over 39), there are many weddings at Foellinger Auditorium. Usually, girls get into fights months in advance to secure this auspicious site for their ceremony. It is interesting to note that well over 100% of marriages that involve a UIUC student end in the death of at least one person.


They had a pretty awesome basketball team in 2005, but they blew it in the National Championship, so no one remembers or gives two shits. Their football team usually consists of talentless, over-hyped recruits who cant beat Ohio State. They had a pretty decent 2007 season, but they blew it in the Rose Bowl, so no one remembers or gives two shits. They usually have a good men's tennis team, but who gives two shits?

Speaking of two shits, do you smell that? That's the smell of success. Not to be confused with the smell of livestock feces. Close your windows in the summer.


The engineering campus at UIUC, aka North of Green, aka the last bastion of virginity in Illinois, is home of many important inventions. In the late 1950s, a group of three operators and five graduate students provided operational support for the Illiac I. The 2,800 vacuum tubes financially devistated the university and nothing special occurred for four decades. In the early 1990s, Marc Andreessen invented the Internet along with Al Gore. Andreessen later went on to found Netscape, while Gore became a surrogate mother. On 12 January 1997, the first HAL 9000 was activated at a plant in Urbana, Illinois. By the year 2001, homicidal tendencies were identified and the devices were restricted to teaching graduate coursework only.