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Originally released in 1963 by Darlene Love under the title "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)", this new version "Uncyclopedia (Admin Please Come Home)" was released in 2022.


The edit's coming down

I'm watching it change

Lots of IPs around

Admin, please come home

There's a bureaucrat in town

All vandals around

Full of useless changes

Admin, please come home

Santa hates this song — because Spike banned him last Christmas.

They're singing "The Monkey’s Are Attacking"

But it's not like Uncyclopedia at all

‘Cause I remember the history log

And all the revert wars you won

Now that you’re gone

I'm watching Recent Changes

You should be here with us

Admin, please come home

Epic Guitar Solo

They're singing "Go to the Fork"

But you should stay here at the Spoon

'Cause I remember all your bans

And all the nominations you won

If there was a vote

I'd do it your way

But the site is down

Please fix it Llwy




Admin, please come home

Admin, please come home

Please come home