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13 September 2022

King Charles III wore a skirt to the ceremony. One can read the trepidation on his face as he hopes the others will not notice.

EDINBURGH, Scotland -- It is not just in America's Marvel Comics that none of the good guys knows what his heroic quest is, nor even if he is a he. The sexual revolution has reached British royalty.

As Queen Elizabeth II lay in state, LGBT activists demanded equal representation from their community, a demand that was met by including Prince and Sex Harassment Defendant Andrew. He was not allowed to join the others in cosplay but was allowed to wear lots of medals.

Even the 1.1-mile walk behind the motorcade from Holyrood Palace doon th' pub was not 'straight,' as a citizen yelled, 'Sick old man!' He was captured on video and will now go viral. The Queen, who normally would have raised her hand and made some calming, insubstantial utterance that would shame the heckler into silence, was in no condition to do any such thing.

Most shocking of all, her son, successor, and sick old man King Charles III — who would not deny those charges when confronted by this reporter — signaled acquiescence to these strange new social trends by attending the ceremony in women's apparel.