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December 6 2010

BRYAN FULLER, creator of the underappreciated ABC series Pushing Daisies, is working with NBC to develop a pilot for a remake of the classic 1964-1966 "creepy family" sitcom The Munsters. Fuller says he wants to cast Kristen Bell as Marilyn Munster. We here at UnNews have our own casting choices for this creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky, and altogether ooky family -- Wait a minute! That's The Addams Family!

I present to you -- the new Munsters, according to me:

Herman Munster[edit]

Munsters remake Herman.jpg

Could this casting choice be any more obvious? Two words -- Brad Garrett! I know a lot of people are throwing around Ron Perlman, John Goodman, Cate Blanchett, Betty White, the late Chris Farley, and fellow big idiot George W. Bush, but Garrett would be perfect -- if only because he looks like Herman Munster had buttsex with Greg Brady.

File:Brad Garret as Herman Munster.wmv

Runner up[edit]

2004 presidential candidate John Kerry. Or maybe he's too busy playing the lead role in the remake of Mr. Ed -- by which I don't mean Wilbur.

Lily Munster[edit]

Munsters remake Lily.jpg

Currently in the running for Lily are Betty White, Richard Nixon, Sharon Osbourne, Bebe Neuworth, and Megan Mullal... uh, that chick from Will & Grace. But I'd like to see Kristin Chenoweth reunite with Fuller for some more quirky storytelling fun. I loved her as Olive Snook on Pushing Daisies and I think she'd be perfect for Lily. ABC should die in a fire for cancelling Pushing Daisies. Check out the montage below, and be sure to pick up both seasons on Blu-ray. You'll be glad you did.

File:Pushing Daisies- Olive Snook Kristin Chenoweth moments

Grandpa Munster[edit]

Munsters remake Grandpa.jpg

Is there any reason why Ernest Borgnine, hailed by Kenan as a "93-year-old sex machine," can't take a bite out of the Grandpa Munster role? He's got the right physical appearance and voice. Who wouldn't want to hear Grandpa Munster yelling "EEEEEVIIIIIL!!!" at the top of his lungs like Mermaid Man? Plus, he played on McHale's Navy and won an Oscar for playing Marty.

File:What Mermaid Man Thinks of Disney Channel

Runners up[edit]

Abe Vigoda, Ed Harris, Robert Duvall, Fred Mertz, Betty White, Bill Cosby, Christopher Lee, Martin Landau.

Eddie Munster[edit]

Munsters remake Eddie (Daeg).jpg

Daeg Faerch (Rob Zombie's Halloween, Hancock, Pushing Daisies, Dark Mirror, Sebastian, Mental) needs the work. He is a very good actor and I could definitely see him as Eddie Munster. Too bad original Eddie, Butch Patrick, isn't too keen on the remake (unless Brad Garrett plays Herman), because he'd change his mind when he sees how terrific Daeg is in his former role.

Why the hell are people not hiring Daeg Faerch lately? He is extremely talented, and it's a crime that he doesn't get cast more often. Perhaps these clips will prove my point:

Runner up[edit]

If Daeg can't play the role for whatever reason, then perhaps Field Cate, who played Young Ned on Pushing Daisies. But I'm still pushing for Daeg in this role.

Marilyn Munster[edit]

Munsters remake Marilyn.jpg

As stated earlier, they are really pushing (there's that word again) for Kristen Bell (a.k.a. Veronica Mars), but I'm not too familiar with her work. However, I am familiar with the work of Joanna Garcia, or at least Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Reba. She looks right for the part. Is it a good thing or a bad thing that she wouldn't get to wear all that spooky makeup?

Runners up[edit]

Kristen Bell, Christian Bale, Madea, Betty White, Kristen Stewart.


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