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Bull of TV's 'Night Court" faces preliminary hearing UnNews Logo Potato.png

12 October 2006

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Richard "Bull" Moll (Center, right) going on a rampage on Monday, Oct. 9, 2006. He was released from Manson Hills Sanitarium on Wednesday and attended a preliminary hearing.

NEW DELHI, India -- Actor Richard Moll, Bull Shannon of television's Night Court, and his twin brother, Burt from Sesame Street, were released from Manson Hills Sanitarium after going on a rampage Monday in New Dehli, according to police reports. Authorities found 6.5 grams of cocaine and 7.9 grams of monkey brain extract in Moll and Burt's systems. The two television veterans face charges of rampaging, inciting a riot, public insanity, possession of drugs, using drugs, assaulting police officers, making anti-Semetic comments, mooning police officers' grandmothers, robbing Mr. Rogers' grave, public drunkness, and making Larry King laugh way too much.

Richard Moll and Burt went on a 7-hour rampage Monday in full Bull Shannon costume, screaming, "ME HATE THE TREES! ME HATE THE TREES!" As seen on video clips on CNN, Moll appeared to be holding a piece of paper with red ink. Police confiscated the note, which reads:

“Night Court is the greatest show on television! It's better than The Simpsons, I Love Lucy, Kenan and Kel, The Spice Girls, the Rugrats, and Oscar Wilde! It's an injustice to America for the second season of this holy show to not be released on DVD. And what's the deal with North Korea? They've never even heard of Night Court! They're busy testing nukes.... Night Court Forever!”

~ Richard Moll

A preliminary hearing was held at 9:30 Wednesday under Judge Reinhold. Representing Moll and Burt was, ironically, John Larroquette and Markie Post, who played the attorneys on Night Court. The verdict has not yet been made public. On one's first offense, one would receive, ironically, a $50.00 fine and time served. If convicted, however, the two men may face up to six years in prison and the music of Michael Bolton.

Night Court was a long-running sitcom on NBC on which Moll played dimwitted bailiff Bull Shannon. Burt is one half of the supposedly gay duo of Burt and Ernie on the children's program Sesame Street.


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