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“Absolutely delicious, the greatest thing I've ever tasted!”

~ Hannibal Lector on Meaty Amin

“Hey! We thought of this first!”

~ Soylent Green on Meaty Amin

Chef Meaty Amin's Gourmet Microwave Entrees is a popular easy to cook crap food, popular in the United States, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, and the thousands of nameless islands in the middle of nowhere where they still have cannibalism. Head chef Idi Amin uses a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices to bring out the savory, natural flavor of the freshly prepared human. Oh, sorry, I meant to say chicken.

Our head chef uses top of the line spices to bring out the flavor of the, er..."tofu."


Chef Meaty Amin's Gourmet Microwave Entrees comes in five succulent flavors that are illegal in every country in the world except Papua New Guinea. All dishes are free of MSG laden Asians and are completely kosher. Look for them at your local grocer!


Our house favorite! Made with pureed yams, potatoes, carrots, babies, stringbeans, mushrooms, and Teamsters. Topped with a sweet and spicy Defense Minister sauce.

Extra Spicy[edit]

For true culinary thrill seekers! Chef Amin starts with a naturally spicy diced Latino and tops it with tamales, bell peppers, jalapenos, habanero, chipotle, and ground vagrant. Ole!


Made for old white people, out of old white people! Chef Amin's easy to digest meals are perfect for the elderly. You should feed them to your elder every day, so when they die, they'll be nice and fat and you'll have more to go around!


Send your mouth on a gondola ride! Chef Amin himself goes out every morning to hand pick the finest meats from a trench ouside a mafia controlled city in Sicily. He then tops them with fresh tomato sauce and hand grated parmesan cheese. May contain body hair, bigotry, and other Italian stereotypes!

We use only the finest ingredients!

Texas Homestyle[edit]

Yee haw! That gourmet varmint Chef Amin gone done and made a helpin' of Texas chili with a real kick! He took chopped United States Congressmen and topped 'em with beans, spices, and the spirit of the Lone Star state. Darn tootin'!

Also Available[edit]

  • Meaty Amin's Ballpark Style Hotdogs! We just repackaged other company's hotdogs because they're made out of people anyway!
  • Emperor Amin's Spicy Hufu Wok! Available until Idi realizes that this is Asian and expels it from his kitchen!
  • All Natural Vegetarian Options! Made with real vegetarians!

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