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Intolerance is the act of not tolerating something. Such as not allowing smokers into public facilities (regardless of whether or not they may be smoking at the time), punching someone in the face simply because they are Asian or not allowing the armless to drive. Intolerance is often considered a synonym of racism, prejudice, and the American Way.

Intolerance and the Government[edit]

In many countries intolerance is not tolerated by the government. The government usually steps in on acts of great intolerance and extinguishes them with their mighty sword of intolerance (in more advanced cultures the intolerance sword may be replaced by the prejudice gun or the discrimination launcher). Laws have lately been passed by the government making it intolerable for employers to be intolerant towards anyone and thereby refuse to hire them. An example of this becoming a problem was noted when, in a very unfortunate situation, an African-American waitress was hired to serve at the party of a hundred Ku Klux Klan members. You can read about her story in the book, How I Lost My Left Eye Due To a Mixture of Intolerance and Tolerance.

Religous Intolerance[edit]

Religous intolerance is often one of the more tolerable kinds of intolerance. Lately, many Christians of the Christian faith have began writing up tickets to hell for every Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or Atheist they meet. Meanwhile, the Muslims are accused of bombing the living shit out of Jews and Christians (but mainly Jews). Hindus are basically isolated, so they don't really show much intolerance towards other faiths (except Muslims). The Jews are very intolerant towards themselves, showing deep hatred and burning anger towards Jews. The Atheists pretty much just bitch all the time. And the Buddhists are still really nice people who love everything (which generally makes them the most hated of all faiths).

Age Intolerance[edit]

In many countries, companies openly refuse to hire old people despite the increasing lifespans of old people and average age of old people. The reasons for this range from feelings that younger people are less likely to die, to more concrete concerns about how long it will be until all those old people die.

Some teenagers consider that they are victims of age intolerance on the grounds that they should be treated more respectfully by adults and not as second-class citizens. These teens are total bastards. They complain that social stratification in age groups causes outsiders to incorrectly stereotype and generalize the group (note that no teen actually has the brain capacity to even pronounce these words), for instance that all adolescents are morons, rebellious assholes, listen to shitty music and get their older friends to buy them alcohol (all of which have been scientifically proven as true). Some even organized groups against age discrimination that were quickly forgotten about after the new Fall-out Boy CD came out.

Gender Intolerance[edit]

The United Nations had concluded that broads often experience a "glass ceiling" and that there are no societies in which broads enjoy the same opportunities as men. The term 'glass ceiling' describes the process by which broads are barred from promotion by means of an invisible barrier.

Socially, sexual differences have been used to justify societies in which broads have been restricted to significantly inferior and secondary roles. While there are non-physical differences between men and broads, there is little agreement as to what those differences are.

Legislation to promote broad equality is generally complex and varied, with a wide divergence between different countries. The principal legislation in the UK is found in the Equal Pay Act of 1970 (which provides for equal pay for comparable work) and the Sex Discrimination Act of 1975, which makes discrimination against broads (including discrimination on the grounds of marital status) illegal in the working situation.

Language Intolerance[edit]

In many countries, there is only one language that must be spoken by everyone within that nation. For example, in the United Kingdom you must speak English, while in America you may either speak English or live in Texas where Spanish is generally regarded as the state language. Some journalists have gone undercover into a work facility and decided to see what would happen if they spoke a foreign language in an attempt to get hired. Here is the dialouge of one conversation which took place:

"Hello, you must be Harry Smith. I am glad to finally meet you. Now, what do you think you could contribute to our work enviroment?"

"I-ay ink-thay at-thay I-ay ould-way ontribute-cay a-ay ot-lay, iven-gay e-thay ance-chay."

"... is this some sort of joke?"

"O-nay, I-ay eally-ray ish-way o-tay e-bay ired-hay!"

"Just tell me one thing, why are you speaking in pig latin?"

"I-ay as-way orn-bay in-ay Inland-fay, ir-say."

"Get out of my office. Now!"

As you can see, when the journalist spoke in his native language the employer didn't even take him seriously. He got even more intolerant when the journalist told him of his native origin, ending with the journalist getting yelled at for being Finnish. Language intolerance is the worst kind of intolerance in this day and age.