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Zombie cheese is created when Green Cheese is left to fester for a little too long. When this happens, the cheese looses its killing stench, and engulfs the nearest thing to it, be that apples, biscuits, or (heaven forbid) generic cereal, destroying it entirely and adding it to its mass. This cycle repeats itself many times until the cheese has either engulfed everything on the shelf, been doused with holy water, or been sent to the moon .

Zombie Cheese feasting on the brains of an innocent wafer. Afterwards, it will probably use the tin-foil to smoke heroin.

The first known instance of Zombie cheese in Western culture was on the person of That guy who sat behind you in 10th grade English class. Even though he was unaware of the growing disturbance, his fellow classmates allowed him to go untreated, providing only the occasional stifled giggle and finger pointing.

Life Cycle of Zombie Cheese[edit]

When a Zombie Cheese first appears, it latches on to the nearest food product to it. It then turns all the molecules of the food "cheesey", thus allowing it to be added to the mass of Zombie Cheese. The larger mass seeks out the closest food products to it and does the same thing. This is about the time that somebody will find it. If not, the entire shelf will be engulfed, and the Zombie Cheese will go into a hibernation state.

What To Do With Zombie Cheese[edit]

Zombie Cheese, if found, must immediately be sprayed with holy water (or wine, the toxins are quite similar) which will turn it into Swiss Cheese (this is how it was invented) or send the cheese to the moon where it will become green moon cheese, the foulest of all cheeses ever known, and stay in limbo for eternity.

Uses For Zombie Cheese[edit]

Zombie cheese is part of the new MIRACLE diet that guarantees that YOU MIGHT lose some weight by eating it. However, most of this weight will be lost due to the zombie cheese eating your internal organs.

Zombie cheese is also an excellent repellant of insects, politicians, and current affairs shows.

Zombie Cheese In Pop Culture[edit]

Zombie cheese is set to play part a big in the new series of What Not To Wear.

George Bush's brain is mostly formed of zombie cheese. Recent studies have found that the zombie cheese of George Bush's brain has actually been passed down from president to president. Pieces of zombie brain cheese from the first President of the United States, the Long Kangaroo of Westmininster, are still present in the modern Presidential Cheese.

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