UnPoetia:The Road Not Taken

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Two roads diverged near a neighbourhood,

Packed with cars from bumper to bumper;

I parked my car, beside it I stood,

Then walked to the bridge, close as I could,

Near the others watching the jumper;

But waiting made me weak and weary,

Worsened further by the falling rain,

With spirits low and vision bleary;

I chanted "Jump!" to make things cheery;

But sadly failed in my lone campaign,

A policeman told me "Move along"

So I trudged back to my waiting car,

While contemplating the right and wrong

Of making someone wait all day long,

For you to bid the world au revoir.

I pressed the pedal and breathed a sigh

Crashing headlong through a neighbour's fence:

Two roads diverged at that place and I--

I chose the route never traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.