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13 February 2014

Lego Noir.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- Angry animal rights groups have condemned toy manufacturer Lego for releasing their Giraffe Culling sets to cash in on recent stories about Danish zoos killing their neck-stretchers.

The kit, which comes with bricks to build giraffes, gunmen, and a pride of Lions, is now being sold to children as they visit to see the animals. This follows news that Copenhagen Zoo had killed a healthy male giraffe 'Marius' as he was surplus to requirements and fed his body to a pride of lions — with school children watching and taking photos.

"It was disgusting that the zoo did this," said David Attenborough, "but for Lego to bring a kit so you build your own version in plastic bricks is equally bad. I am not anti-Danish, as I like their pastries, but I hope international pressure will stop this kit receiving wider notice."

A spokespiece for Lego in a plastic uniform and a very smiley face said those who were criticising the kit were acting 'hysterical'. He said the Danes were a very sensible people and that it is policy there to show everything relevant.

"This set is part of our new range of Lego Noir. We have advanced plans to release Lego versions of 'The Killing', 'The Bridge' and 'Borgen'. People in Denmark are very relaxed with what we are doing."