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Blair releases latest in "If I Did It" series UnNews Logo Potato.png

24 November 2006

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Despite this latest publication, Blair still passionately argues for the existence of WMDs in Iraq (other than America's).

WANKERSHAM, UK -- Tony Blair has today released news of the latest in the "If I Did" Series: If I led a nation to war under false pretenses, lying to the electorate and legislature, my only intention being the securing of future oil reserves and pandering to America.

This latest release has, however, been unusual in the little controversy it has provoked. Saddam Hussein has in fact personally endorsed the book. (rumours are already spreading of his If I committed Genocide chronicles).

George Bush has cited Blair's decision to release the works, that he has apparently been writing since the war began, as an "important step in international politics" on his MySpace page.

Some political theorists are already suggesting this to be a new trend sweeping the political scene. There are already rumors of Bush's If I fixed the Election, Clinton's If I had sexual relations with that woman, and even Barack Obbama's If I used my race to my political advantage.

Blair's latest works is set to be released in time for Christmas, and has already been suggested to be one of the best-selling books in history - although the immensely anticipated Harry Potter: If I were a git, too, is confirmed for a March release.

Books can be pre-ordered on Amazon for £15 ($30) in hardback from Monday.